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Animal Books Just for You

by Dawn S | Oct 10, 2017
This fall there are so many great new non-fiction books for kids. Just this week these three books caught my attention because they're all picture book size (around 32 pages) and about animals. Take a look!


cover image for 10 reasons to love a turtle 

10 Reasons to Love a Turtle
written by Catherine Barr
illustrated by Hanako Clulow
I love this colorful, visually engaging book! Each double page spread gives one reason why sea turtles are amazing and help the environment. Many types of turtles are illustrated and labeled along with other marine wildlife. The text is fairly simple and would appeal to kids ages 4-8.

cover image for how to be an elephant

How to be an Elephant: Growing up in the African wild
by Katherine Roy
With the birth of a new elephant in the herd, this beautiful, tender book discusses all sorts of amazing things. Did you know an elephant calf has cracks in the soles of her feet that provide traction right from birth? Six month old calves practice chasing away 'enemies' by shooing away egrets. Young readers will marvel as they learn about elephant life and social structure.

cover image for how to survive as a firefly
How to Survive as a Firefly
written by Kristen Fote
illustrated by Erica Salcedo
Great cartoon pictures illustrate this funny and informative book about the life cycle of the firefly. Most of the text is in word bubbles with other interesting facts thrown in. Kids will love learning the details of one of their favorite summertime insect friends!

Ask for more non-fiction animal books when you visit your local library!

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