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Born in the Deep Woods

by Dawn S | Oct 03, 2017

I first heard of the kids’ artist Red Yarn (aka Andy Furgeson) last fall. His album Wake Up and Sing was such a treat!

cover image for born in the deep woods

Today, let me tell you about his newest CD Born in the Deep Woods. It’s another folksy collection of nature themed songs just perfect for the coming days of cooler weather and colorful trees. I loved the combination of traditional tunes with acoustic guitar and banjo, along with more rocky tunes, all tied together with lyrics you’d expect from an album about the ‘deep woods’. There are rabbits, opossums, turtle doves, black snakes, moths, and many other critters featured in these songs, not always behaving as modern fictional wildlife do. Some of the traditional songs reminded me of the original fairy tales where some characters come to violent ends. All in all, however, this is certain to entertain any family that loves the deep woods and great music.

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