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by Cindy H | Sep 07, 2017
Catherine's younger brother, David, has autism. She wants to make sure that he'll be able to survive in the world whenever she's not around, so she writes down rules for him so he won't do embarrassing things, like put toys in the fish tank or stand in front of the television when someone else is watching it. Catherine struggles with trying to fit in with a brother that is so different. To make things more difficult, it seems like her parents never have time for her; they are always busy with David. When a new family, with a girl her age, moves in next door she hopes she will have a new best friend. She worries that David will mess things up for her, though. It seems like there aren't enough rules in the world to sort out all of David's problems. When Catherine becomes friends with a special boy at the occupational therapy clinic she begins to see that perhaps she has been looking at things the wrong way, and maybe she needs to learn to stop caring so much what others think in the first place.

This is an inspiring story about a girl learning to accept the differences of those around her and not care what other people think. That is a hard lesson for adults to learn, so it is very refreshing to see a young girl discovering it for herself. Reading this book, I felt like I learned a lot about people with special challenges, as well. I think this is an excellent book for anyone to read who wants to think more deeply about growing up, discovering themselves, and learning to accept the differences that make all of us wonderfully unique.

This book is recommended for children ages 9-12. This would be an excellent book to read along with your child, so you can discuss the material and learn together. It is available in print, audiobook, and playaway at the library, and as an ebook on Overdrive. Click the picture of the book's cover to place on hold!
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  • Cindy H is the Youth Librarian at the Aboite Branch and a dedicated pet mother. She loves all kinds of books but the Harry Potter series is her favorite.
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