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Shake it Baby!

by Dawn Stoops | Aug 28, 2017
Last week in baby storytime I tried something fun and new with musical instruments.
image of paper plate shakers
Before storytime I had help from staff making 20 of these splendid paper plate shakers. They're made of two decorated paper plates stapled together with three milk jug caps inside to provide the rattle noise.

They work well as both a shaker or a kind of drum for little hands. We played along to "Little Bitta You" by Andrew and Polly on the CD Heart Beats: Feel Good Songs for Families. It was a rockin' good time!
cover image for heart beats c.d.

So that's the 'what' and the 'how' of my story, but there's also a WHY.
I wanted parents and grandparents to see how simple and fun it is to use everyday objects around the house to build their baby's brain. There are lots of resources out there describing how music helps babies grow, like this one from Kids Health. When young children make music by shaking and pounding on things like homemade paper plate instruments, they're expanding their experiences with touch and hearing and making new brain connections. They're interacting with their world in a way they probably haven't before. They're having fun and they're learning. That's what our library baby storytimes are all about and we find new ways to do that every week. We'd love for you to join us! Take a look at the calendar for days and times.

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