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Fish of the Month

by Katie B. | Aug 02, 2017

            Starry Blenny

This month’s featured fish is our Starry Blenny. You can find him in our East Tank hidden among our damselfish. Although he is unique looking (especially in a tank of fish that all look pretty much the same), he can be a little hard to spot. His beautiful, spotted pattern makes excellent camouflage and allows him to blend in with his surroundings. Our blenny is a bottom dweller and you can most often find him relaxing on the floor of the aquarium. Then again, he can be a bit of a busybody and sometimes you will find him perched on the castle or other aquarium decorations keeping an eye on what’s happening. You probably won’t see him swim too often. Blennies are grazing fish that feed mostly on algae but that doesn’t diminish how cool this little fish can be.  His “eyebrows” make him one of the most expressive fish in our aquariums here in Children’s Services.

                             My Visit to the Aquarium

My Visit to the Aquarium by Aliki is a wonderful non-fiction book that explores all kinds of different sea creatures.  It reads like a picture book so it even works well as a lap read with younger children.

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