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Fish of the Month

by Katie B. | Jul 03, 2017

We have a lot of cool fish in our three 175 gallon aquariums here in Children's Services at the Main Library, but my personal favorite is our porcupine puffer fish. This little fish always looks like he has a smile on his face.
Porcupine Puffer 2

Our porcupine puffer also has one really cool trick - he can fill his body with water and turn into a spiky ball! In the wild, puffer fish use this trick to scare away any predators that might want to eat them. Here at the library, our puffer doesn’t have any predators to worry about but you still might catch him all puffed up. Porcupine puffer fish will also puff up just to keep their skin flexible. I have caught our puffer here in Children's Services “stretching out” twice now during some rare quiet moments in the department.
Porcupine Puffer

For a couple of adorable picture books featuring puffer fish, be sure to check out Poor Little Guy by Elanna Allen and Sea Monkey & Bob by Aaron Reynolds.
Poor Little Guy Elanna AllenSea Monkey and Bob Aaron Reynolds

If you have never seen a porcupine puffer fish in action before, check out this video I was able to get of our resident porcupine puffer here in Children's Services.        

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  1. erica | Jul 03, 2017
    Eeeeeeep! I love the puffer!

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