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Best Bug Books

by Dawn S | Jun 29, 2017
Summer time is bug time! As an adult, I'm usually annoyed by a buzz or a sting. Little ones, however, can be fascinated by creepy crawlies. The world of children's books has no shortage of great bug books. Here are just a few, perfect for the 2-6 year old crowd.


cover image for tiny little fly 

Tiny Little Fly
by Michael Rosen
This tiny little fly is such a pest! Every animal in the jungle wants him gone, but even the biggest can't destroy little fly's fun day.

cover image for give bees a chance

Give Bees a Chance
by Bethany Barton
Wow! There's a lot to learn about bees. These super pollinators come in 25,000 varieties. Some make tasty honey. This cartoon style book makes it fun to learn about bees.

cover image for bugs galore
Bugs Galore
by Peter Stein
Rhyming text and pop art pictures make this a colorful, silly read. I love how the pictures mimic real bugs and something more like monster bugs.
cover image for can you make a scarry face
Can You Make a Scary Face?
by Jan Thomas
See this bug? He's talking to you. Yes, there's a bug in this book who tells you what to do and how to do it. There's nothing like getting bossed around by a bug!
cover image for cricket in the thicket
Cricket in the Thicket
by Carol Murray

Try out some poems about bugs and learn a little something with interesting facts sprinkled throughout the book.

Ask for more bug books when you visit your local library and don't forget about our Explore the Honeybee programs coming up in July!

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