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The Jar of Happiness

by Cindy H | Jun 21, 2017
The Jar of Happiness, written and illustrated by Alisa Burrows, is a story about a girl named Meg who invents a way to carry happiness around with her, a jar of happiness. She takes the jar with her everywhere she goes. She uses it to cheer up her sad friend, her sick grandmother, and her little brother. One day she loses the jar and can't find it anywhere. Although she is sad about losing her jar, she visits her friend, grandmother, and plays with her little brother, who all help cheer her up. She learns that even though she can't find her jar she still finds happiness in the people she cares about.

This is a very sweet story and helps children learn about friendship and empathy. As an extension to this book you could help your child create their own jar of happiness. Just get a small jar, like a mason jar or old pickle jar, and let them put things in it that make them happy. Glitter, small toys, pictures from magazines or of friends and family members, and/or splashes of paint can help them connect what they read to real life. Be creative, and enjoy seeing them use their own jar of happiness to brighten a loved one's day!

This picture book is recommended for children ages 3-7. Click the picture of the book's cover to place on hold!
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