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Visiting the Fish at the Library

by Sara | Jun 15, 2017

My family loves to visit the Children’s Services department at the downtown library. Our first stop is the McMillen Globe in the Great Hall; then we ask the librarians if we can go in the Early Learning Center. My five and eight year old each have their favorite activities -- the play kitchen and the writing station, respectively. There is so much to play with, and they are having so much fun they don’t realize how much they are learning.

Our next stop after leaving the ELC is the the aquarium and bubble tubes area. We love learning about the animals that live in the tanks! There are handy guides at the desk outside the computer room that show each tank and its inhabitants. We go through the sheets and try to find each one in the tank. girl looking in a fish tank

The yellow tang that used to live in the reef tank was very shy. He tended to hide from spying eyes. My daughter and Michal, one of the librarians, like to try to find him and other fish together.Aurelia and Michal with the fish guide at the tank

Once we were even lucky enough to be there when Rob was feeding the anemones in the reef tank! He used a long grasping tool to deliver pieces of shrimp to these fascinating animals that look like ocean plants. My kids still talk about it. Sometimes you can even watch the eels and puffer fish being hand fed.

We have made a lot of memories at the library over the years and look forward to each visit. There is always something new to learn or discover at the library!

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  • Sara is a librarian, technology lover, and parent who loves to read fiction. Her favorite book is Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.
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