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Top Ten Reasons Why Babies Should Do the Summer Learning Program

by Dawn Stoops | May 30, 2017
I know.
Your baby can't read.
And your baby probably isn't motivated by prizes yet, otherwise she'd have a closet full of trinkets you've used to motivate her to sleep through the night. But your dear little ones are still invited to participate in this summer's reading program at the library.
baby holding a book

Here are the top 10 reasons why your baby should definitely do the reading program this summer.

10. We love seeing library customers of all sizes and the tiny ones give librarians a chance to practice speaking baby and toddler.

9. Reading the same thing over and over again is perfect. You could complete the entire reading program with just one book.

8. Neurons.

7. One of your baby's favorite pastimes is looking at people. There are a lot of interesting people to look at when visiting the library.

6. The library has tons of books to give you new ideas for nursery rhymes, baby bounces, and songs.

5. Car rides to the library can help soothe your little one to sleep.

4. We did work pretty hard to pick out prizes that are just right for babies. The first prize is a little beach ball, great for summertime fun. The second and third prizes are board books. We've got a lot to choose from.

3. Let's talk early literacy. Reading to a baby/toddler teaches reading skills like holding a book and turning the pages. You've got to start somewhere.

2. Babies develop communication skills when listening and responding to the stories you read.

1. Time spent reading with your baby is a special time of bonding that you really can't get any other way.

Allen County Public Library's Summer Program starts Thursday, June 1st. See you soon!

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