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CatStronauts: Mission Moon

by Dawn Stoops | Apr 24, 2017

I took this new graphic novel home over the weekend, to rave reviews.
cover image for mission moon
CatStronauts: Mission Moon by Drew Brockington is an adventure story featuring cat astronauts. These space cats have to save the world from a power shortage by racing to the moon to harness solar energy and send it back to Earth. From looking at the cover, I thought the story of cats as astronauts was going to be a comical romp with silly situations and cat themed humor. It does have funny moments, but as my father-in-law commented “This is right out of Apollo 13”. If it were a movie it would be in the drama section, not the comedy section.

What did the four and five year old think? They would have sat through all 10 chapters in one sitting if they had gotten their way. They enjoyed the pictures and followed along with the dialog, asking questions in that way young readers naturally do. It was a hit. After I told them there was a second in the series called CatStronauts: Race to Mars, I had my mission for Monday morning. The world, at my house, is depending on me.
cover image for race to mars

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