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Octopus Escapes Again!

by Miss Heather | Mar 24, 2017
index.aspxWhat do you know about octopuses? Did you know that each octopus "arm" has about 240 suckers on it? They help an octopus move, hunt, and even taste!

While there are many picture books and non-fiction books featuring octopuses there is an excellent book that combines the two with a rhythmic text peppered with facts. Octopus Escapes Again! by Laurie Ellen Angus can be read to/with a younger child using just the story but can include the italicized facts to be shared with an older child. Following the story is an "explore more" section with fun facts about the octopus and other sea animals. There are also extension activity ideas and suggested videos to allow for a fuller understanding of octopuses. The video below is linked--it shows a large octopus escaping thru a 1" hole! Find the book on the shelves at all our ACPL locations. More fun activities are also available on the publisher's website.

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  • Miss Heather is the Children's Librarian at Shawnee Branch. She likes to bead while listening to audiobooks. She also watches a bit too many tv shows when she should be reading. Her dog, Pookah, is her only "son" and is her shadow wherever she goes.
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