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Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

by Cindy H | Mar 21, 2017
Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas, written by Lynne Cox and illustrated by Brian Floca, is the story of an elephant seal who lived in the Avon River in Christchurch, New Zealand. Although most elephant seals like to live in the ocean, Elizabeth seemed to prefer her river. Unfortunately, there were a few incidents where Elizabeth got out of the river to lounge in the road, causing some minor car accidents. Fearing for Elizabeth's and the drivers' safety, the people of Christchurch captured Elizabeth and took her to a colony of elephant seals in the ocean. Elizabeth came back, however, and even though they tried to take her to colonies even farther away she always managed to find her way back home. She became a local legend of Christchurch.

This book contains factual information about the story of Elizabeth the elephant seal. Some elements of the story may have been enhanced or embellished, but the essential parts of the story remain true. At the end of the book the author provides additional information about elephant seals, as well as some references.

This book has won many awards and is recommended for children ages 4-8. It is a very sweet story and I highly recommend it! Click the picture of the book's cover to place on hold!
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