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Little Fox in the Forest

by Dawn Stoops | Mar 02, 2017
Little Fox in the Forest by Stephanie Graegin is a treat of pictures and drama, with very few words.
cover image for little fox in the forest

We meet the main character, a little girl asleep in her bed, on the title page and then follow her through her day at home and at school. Her teacher encourages everyone to bring something old for show and tell the next day and so she brings her stuffed fox, a friend from babyhood. All of these events are shown in panels of calming blues and greys with lovely details but as the story gets exciting, and a real fox comes to steal her stuffed fox at the playground, the illustrations blossom into bright, enchanting colors of forest life.

Where is the little fox going? Why did he take her stuffed fox? Will the forest creatures help the little girl get her fox back? It's the kind of suspense just right for young readers.

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  • Dawn is a librarian, mother, and crafter who loves stories and art, so it’s only natural that she loves kids’ books the best (with cookbooks a close second).
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