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Planning a Garden

by Dawn Stoops | Feb 04, 2017
Anyone who loves to garden knows that this is a very special time of year! It's the dreaming and planning part of the year when seed catalogs arrive and hopes of a great harvest begin to germinate.

Kids and gardens go great together! There are heaps of studies that show how kids grow by spending time outdoors, learning about where food comes from, and getting dirty. There are also plenty of books about how to grow gardens with kids. Here are some great books to get you started.

  cover image for kids in the garden

Kids in the Garden
by Elizabeth McCorquodale

About half this book is basic gardening info and common practices that every good gardener knows. The other half of the book are two page projects like starting sunflower seeds in pots and growing different kinds of potatoes. There are also recipes for some really tasty stuff!

cover image for lets garden

Let's Garden: A step by step introduction
by Clara Lidstrom & Annakarin Nyberg

I love the look of this book but it feels a little less like "A Step by Step Introduction" and a little more like a collection of fun and funky gardening projects. The text is brief, but there are projects to paint "Head Pots" and plant "Rabbit Poop Beads".

cover image for first garden activity book

First Garden Activity Book
by Angela Wilkes

With a little wider range than just garden vegetables, this book presents info on growing a variety of things from seeds, pits, and cuttings.

cover image for roots shoots buckts and boots

Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots
by Sharon Lovejoy

With charming illustrations instead of photos, this 158 page book covers lots of topics and has great ideas for kid-friendly garden projects like climbing plant tents and garden stepping stones.

I also recommend a book called The Victory Garden Kids' Book by Marjorie Waters that explains a lot of details that other kids' gardening books miss, like how to prepare the soil in the spring and how to clean out your garden and get it ready for winter.

Ask about any of these books the next time you're at the library. We'd love to help you find just the right gardening inspiration!

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