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WORDS by Christoph Niemann

by Dawn Stoops | Dec 20, 2016
cover image for words
Here's a fun new book with lots of potential. It's a simple collection of more than 300 words each accompanied by a single illustration. The illustrations are great. Christoph Niemann didn't just choose nouns or simple verbs to illustrate, he included illustrations for words like 'next', 'might', and 'always'. Niemann has a lot of fun with his work. The illustration for the word 'always', for instance, is a drawing of a piece of jelly toast falling jelly-side down.

Everything is in black and white and the images are pretty spare, which is part of the appeal. How would you illustrate 'sometimes' with just a black marker and a small sheet of paper? Niemann does it with a hand picking from several clovers where 'sometimes' a four leaf clover gets found.

I'm imagining lots of fun uses for this book. If you have a little one, then just flipping through and reading some words while appreciating the pictures would be a good vocabulary building activity. For older kids I can see a class assignment or group project where the concept of the book is introduced then everyone gets to illustrate a few words in the same style. Or maybe a game between friends where the illustration is visible without the word and you take turns guessing the word.

No matter what you do while you enjoy Christoph Niemann's book, it's better with a friend.

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