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Letters to Santa

by Dawn Stoops | Dec 01, 2016
boy putting letter in post box
For years, kids have written Santa Claus letters asking him questions about his special job and requesting certain gifts. Writing a letter to Santa is fun and it's even more magical to get a letter back in response! Right now, through December 15th, kids can write a letter to Santa at the Hessen Cassel Branch Library. All letters will be mailed to Santa Claus, Indiana where special elves will make sure each child gets a response from Santa himself!
This super fun holiday program has some bonus brain boosting power! Just look at the benefits of this one simple activity.
  • It's a FUN reason to practice writing.

  •  Kids may seek help spelling girl writing a letter to Santawords they don't usually use, like sleigh.  

  • Practice writing a letter helps kids understand that written communication takes different forms depending on the situation. 

  • It's good handwriting practice too. Santa can't respond to a letter he can't read!




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