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Fantastic Forts

by Dawn Stoops | Sep 07, 2016
We've only got a little bit of good outdoor, shirtsleeve play time left this year! If you're fortunate enough to have access to some outdoor space and natural building supplies you should definitely build a fort!
cover image for fantastic forts

Fantastic Forts, by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks, is a book with lots of great ideas and tested methods for building. There are chapters covering miniature fairy forts, cave hideaways, lean-to forts, garden getaways, junk forts, leaf-shelters and lots more. I love how many inspiring pictures there are! The structures look fun to build and fun to use for all sorts of play, perfect for encouraging you and your family to explore the great outdoors together.

For more books about building forts and outdoor play, check out our online catalog or visit your local library!

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