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Back to School Playlist

by Dawn S | Aug 15, 2016
Today was the day!
first day of school picture
This morning I drove my oldest to his first day of Kindergarten. He was pretty chill about the whole thing and I was trying hard to match his mood. What music did we listen to on the way? A new CD called Simpatico from Renee Stahl. It's a great collection with nice variety and lots of special guests.
cover image for simpatico

My favorite song on the CD is called "You Were Meant to Be". Renee Stahl sings with Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket. It's the perfect love song from parent to child with beautiful guitar parts and fantastic harmonies. It's also very emotional, or makes me very emotional. Maybe, on the fist day of kindergarten, I shouldn't be subjecting myself to tear inducing songs on the way to school. I held it together and my son, having heard the song just once before, said he was starting to like it. We went on listening to some of my other favorite songs from that CD. We didn't get to
"Starfish and Coffee" (featuring Maya Rudolph) which is more playful and funky, but we did enjoy "Gather Round" (featuring Lisa Loeb) before it was time to turn off the car and head into school.

Your local library has hundreds of CDs to choose from and Freegal, the library's downloadable music service, has thousands more. If you need something to serve as your back to school soundtrack we'd love to help!

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