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Science Comics

by Dawn S | Jul 29, 2016
It's a comic book. It's a science book. It's both!
We just got two books in this series of non-fiction comics. They're colorful and engaging with lots of extras like a glossary, bibliography, and list of additional resources.
Here's a little more about each one.

cover image for coral reefs

Coral Reefs: cities of the ocean
by Maris Wicks
This book starts with an introduction by the Associate Research Scientist of the New England Aquarium, Dr. Randi Rotjan. Once the comic gets started we're being addressed by a very knowledgeable yellow fish. As narrator, he starts with the basics of coral reefs by contrasting plants and animals. After a brief history lesson on the formation of the earth we're introduced to some of the over 6,000 species of coral.
There's a lot of great stuff packed into this comic!

cover image for Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs: fossils and feathers
by M.K. Reed

Unlike the Coral Reefs book, we can't see the narrator in this comic on Dinosaurs. The dinosaur facts are presented as we learn how scientists and fossil hunters first discovered dinosaur remains. Mistakes, rivalries, and superstitions drive this narrative forward and make it more interesting than a mere breakdown of known dinosaur species. The book ends with a note of all there is yet to discover about dinosaurs.

question mark

What topic would you like to see in this series?
(I think Bats and Volcanoes are in the works!)

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