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Summertime Travels

by Kris L | Jul 25, 2016

Summer is a time when many families travel together – explore new places, see new things, have grand adventures.  Many families visit museums, amusement parks, zoos, state and national parks, and these are all wonderful things.  But have you even considered visiting LIBRARIES when you travel?

This family traveled from Ohio to visit Fort Wayne and made a point of visiting not one, but TWO libraries – the Georgetown branch, where they visited their former hometown librarian, Ms. Courtney, pictured below, and the Main Library.  They have a wonderful tradition of visiting libraries whenever they go out of town.  So far, they have been to 21 different libraries!    

Here in Allen County, we don’t have to travel far to visit a new library.  Did you know that there are 14 different Allen County Public Library locations?  Why not make a point of visiting a new-to-you library during the last few weeks of summer?   

Family visiting the Georgetown branch library


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