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by Dawn Stoops | Feb 29, 2016
Sometimes you need just the right book for a particular situation. Here's a new picture book that might be that 'just the right book' for you sometime.
ida always  book cover

ida, ALWAYS, by Caron Levis, treats hard topics like sickness and loss in such a warm and soft way. Ida and Gus are polar bears at the Central Park Zoo. Levis' fictional story about these real bears speaks beautifully to young kids about love, kindness, sickness, loss, and memory. The tender words chosen by Levis and the touching pictures created by Charles Santoso make this a very useful book to share in situations of grief, but also a lovely book to read anytime.

For more helpful suggestions for 'just the right book' take a look at our grief booklist or ask your local librarian.

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