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National Geographic Kids

by Dawn Stoops | Feb 24, 2016
Some kids just love reading true books. Here's a new batch of non-fiction from National Geographic Kids.
birds book cover 

by Julie Beer
Filled with charts, colorful pictures, and brief descriptions, this bird guide gives kids a great introduction to watching birds. As the cover says, be a bird nerd!

national parks guide book cover

National Parks Guide U.S.A.
by Sarah Wassner Flynn
Celebrating the National Parks' 100th birthday this book really takes you outside to enjoy the sights. Charts, maps, and beautiful photos are all arranged with tips and travel advise to get you on your way.

rhino rescue book cover
Rhino Rescue!
by Clare Hodgson Meeker
Enjoy these thrilling tales of animal rescues.
rascally rabbits book cover
Rascally Rabbits!
by Aline Alexander Newman
Dogs who rescue bunnies? Helicopter searches for bears? Find out about these and other naughty animals and the adventures they have.
rocks and minerals book cover
Rocks & Minerals
by Nancy Honovich

Be a rock hound with this great field guide. There are tons of colorful pictures and interesting facts about geology and how we use these rocks and minerals every day.

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