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Celebrate Chinese New Year

by Miss Heather | Feb 08, 2016
Today is the biggest day on the Chinese calendar--it's New Year's Day! The Chinese calendar is pretty different from ours--rather than New Year's Day being on the same day each year it can fall any day between our January 21 and February 21. Each year has an animal associated with it and this year's animal is the monkey.

While our New Year's celebration is New Year's Eve night through New Year's Day, the Chinese celebration lasts 16 days from New Year's Eve to the Lantern Festival. Chinese new year celebrations include staying up late, fireworks, and parades which feature dancing dragons and lions! Chinese kids receive red envelopes filled with money from relatives! Red is a lucky color in Chinese culture and the envelopes are given to wish health, growth, and good luck to the children. 

Here are a few stories and non-fiction (factual) books about Chinese New Year that you may borrow from the library:
Lion Dancer   bringing in

Happy Year of the Monkey!

hgHeather is the Children's Librarian at Shawnee Branch. She likes to bead while listening to audiobooks. She also watches a bit too many tv shows when she should be reading. Her dog, Pookah, is her only "son" and is her shadow wherever she goes.

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