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The blogs have awoken!

by Craig B | Dec 18, 2015
Star Wars Awoken3.jpgNote: Be sure to enter our Star Wars raffle made possible in part through donations from Books, Comics, & Things!  See end of post for more information.

We did it!  The ACPL Blog Team saw the newest Star Wars film The Force Awakens!  See snapshots of our journey along that narrative rollercoaster below and follow the final link in this post to get our video response to the film.  Be cautious if you have not yet seen the film.  Our video could contain some unintended critical spoilers...

T-Minus 23 minutes
T-Minus 23 minutes

T-Minus 17 minutes 
T-Minus 17 minutes

T-Minus 3 minutes
T-Minus 3 minutes

T-Minus ... nothing!
T-Minus ... nothing!

See our video response to Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the following link!

P.S. Look around for more Holiday 2015 Star Wars postings on ACPL social media.  Comment on any of those postings and earn an entry into our Star Wars raffle for each.  Limit 1 raffle entry per patron per post until Monday, December 28, 2015.  ACPL not responsible for lost or misdirected electronic submissions.  Raffle open only to Allen County residents with a valid email address.  And remember, share the Star Wars Christmas joy!  Share this post!

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  1. Miranda Barta | Dec 26, 2015
    My son loved the movie!
  2. Miranda Barta | Dec 25, 2015
    My two sons love Star Wars so much! They have been checking the books and reading like crazy!
  3. Maura | Dec 23, 2015
    Light side!  
  4. Gwen | Dec 23, 2015
    Light Side!
  5. Ryan | Dec 23, 2015
    Dark Side!
  6. Jeffrey Miller | Dec 19, 2015
    Went today - so great!
  7. Amanda Miller | Dec 19, 2015
    How fun!
  8. Jackson Miller | Dec 19, 2015
    Saw it... loved it!

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