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by Dawn Stoops | Nov 10, 2015
Creaturepedia: Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth
by Adrienne Barman

Take a look at this new book!
From the outside it looks like another animal book packed with names and characteristics of hundreds of animals. You can tell it's going to have great drawings and not photographs of the animals and you can tell they're a little goofy. But once you open it up, you'll be delighted to find that each short section of this lengthy book (208 pages) is broken up in ways a child might sort her plastic toy animals. Animal categories include headings like; the big mouths, the pretty-in-pinks, the faithful, the show-offs, and the homebodies. You don't get a lot of information about each animal but I think many children will find this a great jumping off point to learn more. There's an index in the back to make specific animals easier to find. As presented in this book, these creatures certainly are the greatest show on earth!

dawn Dawn is a librarian, mother, and crafter who loves stories and art, so it's only natural that she loves kid's books the best (with cookbooks a close second).  Her favorite story is Duck on a Bike by David Shannon and her favorite illustrator is Lisbeth Zwerger.

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