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Migloo's Day

by Dawn Stoops | Oct 13, 2015

migloo's day
Here's a great book for all kinds of kids.
Are you looking for a book that is...

  • full of lots of detailed pictures?

  • an enjoyable story about a dog?

  • a seek-and-find?

  • great to read over and over because you'll always discover new things?

  • colorful and has fun, silly pictures?

  • appealing to a wide range of ages?

  • full of a variety of characters?

How did I discover Migloo's Day, by William Bee? The Grabill Library got this as a new book in April but I don't remember seeing it then. I was scanning the shelves in the 'seek-and-find' section of our library trying to find something to keep my kids, ages two and four, entertained on a long road trip. It looked like something they might like so we packed it, along with a great tractor book, and headed to Boston. They both enjoyed looking through it and listening to me read it at bedtime. The pictures sparked lots of interesting conversations. I was surprised that it was also requested as a read aloud while we were on the road. That means it was good enough that they didn't mind if mommy was in the front seat reading and they were strapped in their car seats further back just listening.

Grab this, and more great seek-and-finds at your local library!

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