Family Bed

This list features books in which families co-sleep.

Charlip, Remy

A rhymed tale describing all sorts of babies and things associated with babies, ending with a baby bed and a wish for sweet dreams.
Swenson, Jamie

On a stormy night, a child snuggles into bed with a book and a teddy bear but is soon joined by one dog, one cat, and more until the child, and the bed, reach their limit.
Stewart, Susan D.
618.928498 ST4C

Co-sleeping in the United States: why are we so different? -- Co-sleeping logistics: who, when, where, and how families sleep -- Parents' perspectives on co-sleeping -- Co-sleeping, relationships, and intimacy -- Openness, secrecy, and reactions from others -- The future of co-sleeping in the United States.
Melmed, Laura

A variety of mothers tell their children how much they love them.
Guthrie, James

A squirrel family spends the day together--waking, playing, and nestling down to sleep under the eye of a watchful parent. Based on an old Scottish poem. Illustrated by Calecott Medal winner Eric Rohmann.

"In Nursies, a toussle-haired toddler is snuggled up in bed with mom and dad, ready to go to sleep for the night, the family s grey striped cat snoozing soundly at their feet. When the toddler wakes at night for nursies, mom shows her baby that it s dark outside, and assures baby that she ll have nursies when the sun shines."
Serafin, Lauren
J649.33 SERAF

A children's board book portraying a breastfeeding toddler during one of his typical days.
Charlip, Remy

Illustrations and rhyming text conveys a mother's love for her child.
Stein, David Ezra

A growing tadpole loves his frog dad so much he never gives him a moment's peace.
Root, Phyllis

One by one ten sheep reluctantly fall asleep in the barnyard.
Camp, Lindsay

Ben's dad can't seem to get a good night's sleep. There are too many children in his bed! First, there's Ben, and then there's Ben's Brother Billy. Soon the twins, Beth and Bart arrive. And then...yikes!...Brittany, Bella, and Boris are born! Ben's dad decides to build the biggest bed in the world.

In this cumulative tale, a wakeful flea atop a number of sleeping creatures causes a commotion, with just one bite.
Koniver, Laura

All over the world families sleep together. They reconnect at night.