Asthma & Allergies

Harrison, Troon

The doctor tells Aaron he is allergic to animals and that he needs to get rid of all his pets.
Golding, Theresa Martin

Abby is practicing for the big race, but she is worried that her asthma will stop her from winning.
Smith, Nicole

A story about an elephant who is allergic to peanuts that teaches young children to be aware of their friends' peanut allergies. Mentions foods in which peanuts are hidden ingredients.
Powell, Jillian
J618.9297 POWEL

"Aneil tells us how to check food labels and shows how he would deal with an allergic reaction."--back cover.
Powell, Jillian
J616.238 POWEL

With a mix of bright photos and a child-friendly design, this simple, and approachable look book explains asthma to young readers.. Each book teaches how to recognize symptoms and asthma attacks from mild to extreme. It illustrates what happens on doctor and hospital visits, and suggests appropriate healthy habits. Ultimately the book teaches children about healthy living and an how ounce of prevention is as good as a cure.
Glaser, Jason
J616.238 GLASE

"Describes asthma and its causes, symptoms, and treatments"--Provided by publisher.
Gordon, Sharon
J616.23 GORDO

Explains what asthma is, what causes asthma attacks, and some common treatments.
Kroll, Virginia L.

Brianna is so excited to get the lead in the Thanksgiving school play, she forgets about the breathing trouble she's been having. But at the dress rehearsal, she has a bad attack. Diagnosed with asthma, Brianna begins to learn about her disease...
Gates, Amanda,
J641.5638 EAT

Collection of recipes and projects without grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar that will steer your child toward meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats. For those with food allergies, the top 8 allergens have been visually marked on each recipe for children to self-identify recipes that may contain eggs, nuts, fish, or shellfish.
Royston, Angela
J616.238 ROYST

Explains the history, prevention and treatment of asthma.
Glaser, Jason
J618.92975 GLASE

"Describes food allergies, how they are diagnosed and treated, and how to prevent allergic reactions"--Provided by publisher.
Taylor-Butler, Christine
J618.92975 TAYLO

Kid-friendly information about food allergies, particularly the eight main foods that cause allergies and the importance of food labels.
Silverstein, Alvin
J616.238 SILVE

"An overview of asthma for children in grades 5 and up. Find out what asthma is, what causes it, how it is diagnosed, and some treatment options"-- Provided by publisher.
Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer
J618.92238 MOORE

The child in this story suffers from asthma, but shows that with proper medical supervision and treatment, asthma can be kept under control, and kids who are affected by it can live happy, active, and normal lives.
Bee, Peta
J618.92238 BEE

Meet Rachel, John and Nicola -- What is asthma? -- What is a house-dust mite? -- How asthma medicine can help -- Avoiding asthma triggers at home -- Exercise is good for you -- What about pets? -- Going on vacation -- Poor air quality -- What to do in an emergency -- How would you manage? -- Making life easier -- Getting help.
Thomas, Pat
J618.9297 THOMA

This story reassures kids who suffer from allergies, letting them know that they aren't alone. They learn the value of avoiding contact with certain materials and staying away from certain foods that trigger allergic reactions in their bodies.
Carter, Alden R.

A young girl describes what it is like to live with asthma, how this condition affects the body, some of the things that trigger an attack, and what can be done to avoid problems.
Weitzman, Elizabeth

Briefly discusses different types of allergies, causes of allergic reactions, and treatments.
Bee, Peta
J618.92 BEE

Discusses the causes, nature, and symptoms of asthma, how it is affected by medicine, exercise, pets, and air quality, and what to do in an emergency.
Clowes, Gina
J618.92975 CLOWE

Encourages children to talk about their feelings and reinforces ways to help them cope with their food allergies.
O'Reilly, Nadine

Describes the experiences of a young boy with a peanut allergy.
Matthies, Janna

When he begins to cough and wheeze while pretending he is a knight slaying dragons, Peter is taken to the doctor and learns he has asthma and what he can do to control its symptoms..
Weiner, Ellen
J616.975 WEINE

Even though he has many different allergies, Jeffrey has learned to manage at school and home.
Gosselin, Kim
J616.23 GOSSE

This book explains asthma, things that trigger asthma episodes, items used in the treatment of asthma, and general words that provide encouragement to children who have asthma.
Recob, Amy

The BugaBees: friends with food allergies is the story of eight best buggy friends and the different food challenges they face on a daily basis.
Koster, Gloria.

When a new classmate has a peanut allergy and has to sit in a special area of the lunchroom, Simon reconsiders his love for peanut butter.
Powell, Jillian
J618.9223 POWEL

Readers follow Zack as he gets ready for school, works on homework, and plays soccer. Learn what some of the most common allergy triggers are, and what Zack does to avoid these allergens and lessen their adverse effects.