Early Childhood Curriculum Resources

Books covering age-appropriate activities, philosophies, early literacy education, and so much more for healthy academic development in children ages six and under.

Connors, Abigail Flesch
J786.8 CONNO (PTC)

The perfect book to introduce rhythm instruments to young children! Activities include making the sound of ocean waves using shakers, pretending to be a train using sand blocks, creating a rainstorm with rhythm sticks, and performing circus tricks with jingle bells.
Campbell, Kelly Justus

"Art Across the Alphabet" contains art-centered activities for children ages three to six to reinforce letter recognition, build phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills, and associate reading with fun.
Isbell, Rebecca T.
J372.21 ISBEL, 2008 (PTC)

Wake up your classroom with these unique learning centers and new ideas for energizing traditional learning centers. Completely revised, each learning center now includes assessment tools and updated literacy components.
Neugebauer, Bonnie
J372.21 CURRI (PTC)

Beginnings Workshops, an established feature in each issue of Exchange Magazine, have earned the reputation of being one of the best staff development tools in the field. Now in book form, Curriculum, Brain Research, Maths, Science is the fourth in the series.
Hastings, Kay
J372.21 HASTI (PTC)

With 100 days of plans, Daily Preschool Experiences has learning center activities for preschool learners at every developmental level.
Moomaw, Sally
J372.41 MOOMA (PTC)

Offers parents creative ways to work with their child care provider to build a foundation and love for reading and writing in young children.
Education Center (Greensboro, N.C.) and Ward, Allison E.
J745.5 HOORA (PTC)

Build fine-motor skills with these all-new, developmentally appropriate art projects. Over 280 projects are teacher-tested to ensure students' success as you encourage creativity and self-expression.
Pica, Rae
J372.6 PICA (PTC)

Combines children's love of active games with over 100 lively literacy activities.
Pica, Rae

The perfect way to turn childrens' love of active games into learning opportunities. The activities in each chapter are organized by level of difficulty, and each one incorporates fun, exciting math experiences with movement.
Pica, Rae
J372.21 PICA (PTC)

Bring science to life as children learn about their bodies, animals, seasons, and the weather.
Charner, Kathy
J535.6 LEARN (PTC)

Teachers from around the globe contributed their favorite activities that they use in the classroom, all focused on topics that teachers use every day!
Charner, Kathy
J518.45 LEARN (PTC)

Classroom-tested and teacher approved, these activities help children ages three to six learn all about numbers.
Charner, Kathy
J516.15 LEARN (PTC)

Teachers and children alike will enjoy exploring the concept of shapes with activities such as Have You Seen My Square, The Circle in the Square, and Erase a Shape.
Thompson, Kim Mitzo
J372.21 THOMP (PTC)

"Let's get ready for Preschool contains a variety of different activities that not only will prepare children for the Common Core Standards set for Kindergarten, but will make learning fun by incorporating songs and rhymes."--Back cover.
West, Sherrie
J372.6 WEST (PTC)

Children love to pretend, and dramatic play is the perfect environment for practicing and applying literacy concepts. Whether they decide to be firefighters, to open a pet store, or to have a tea party, children will increase their vocabulary, communicate with their friends, and learn to recognize environmental print - all important skills for pre-readers.
Briggs, Diane
J372.677 BRIGG (PTC)

This book presents suggestions and resources for a variety of themes, from "Animal Oddballs" to "A Woggle of Witches." Each session includes a variety of books and activities per topic, so tellers can pick and choose based on their own styles.
Boston, Lisa
J372.21 BOSTO

Four kid-favoured themes set the stage for stress-free early learning: At the Pond, In My Garden, At the Zoo, and On the Farm. Children move from parallel play into participatory activities.
Herr, Judy
J649.122 HERR (PTC)

Based on recent research on brain development that emphasizes the importance of the environment and relationships during the child's first three years of life. Written for care givers, early childhood educators and families.
Raines, Shirley C.
J372.4 RAINE (PTC)

Its never too early to read to a child, especially when you have Story S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s (R) The youngest children love the repetition of words and experiences that stories provide.
Pica, Rae
J372.21 PICA (PTC)

As children pretend to trudge their way through knee-deep marshmallow fluff, or zoom around like a vacuum cleaner, even cleaning up the classroom becomes an enjoyable experience.
Falasco, Deborah
J372.21 FALAS (PTC)

"With a focus on the special joys of working with two- and three-year-olds, this comprehensive curriculum meets their unique developmental needs and supports critical early learning. Teaching Twos and Threes includes a wide range of activity ideas and learning experiences, as well as strategies to help you plan a thoughtful program, build positive relationships with young children, and support learning in all areas"-- Provided by publisher.
Schiller, Pamela Byrne
J372.21 SCHIL, 2011 (PTC)

There's more than one way to be smart! This award-winning curriculum for three- to six-year-olds offers a complete plan for every learning style.
Charner, Kathy
J372.7 GIANT (PTC)

Organized by curriculum area or time of day, each activity is complete with math concepts, materials needed, and step-by-step instructions.
Schiller, Pamela Byrne
J372.19 SCHIL (PTC)

"Resource book for teachers in early childhood education, providing over 750 activities to use in the classroom"--Provided by publisher.
Silberg, Jackie
J372.13 SILBE (PTC)

Serious learning can happen in playful moments. Children and teachers alike will love the creative, fun activities that enrich any classroom experience!
Warner, Laverne
J371.9043 THEME (PTC)

This is the perfect book for teachers who have typically developing young children as well as children with special needs in their classrooms. Each lesson plan features objectives, a materials list, a circle or group time activity, assessment strategies, accommodations/modifications, and curriculum connections.
Weaver, Lynn R.

Designed for busy teachers, daycare workers, and parents, this book contains weekly activities to help preschoolers develop and reinforce math skills.
Kurowski, Kathryn
J372.35 KUROW (PTC)

STEM based activities for children in preschool and Kindergarten.