Junior Kindergarten Reading List

Anholt, Laurence

Julie, who lives in Paris, visits the gardens of painter Claude Monet. When Julie's dog is lost, Monet helps her find him and the two become friends.
Berk, Ari

Chiro, a young bat, is nervous about flying into the world for the first time without his mother, especially on a very dark night, but he soon learns to rely on his "song" to find his way and stay safe.
Colandro, Lucille

A twist on the classic tale of "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" takes the story even further as the lady goes about swallowing up a variety of elements of autumn, including some leaves, a pumpkin, and some hay.
Donaldson, Julia

Wanting to sail beyond its rock, a tiny snail hitches a ride on a big humpback whale and then is able to help the whale when it gets stuck in the sand.
Heling, Kathryn, and Deborah Hembrook
J331.702 HELIN

Who wears oven mitts, an apron, and a puffy hat? Who uses safety glasses and a saw? Clothes and special gear associated with an array of different professions appear on a clothesline, with an accompanying four line stanza asking the reader to guess what job that person does. Turn the page, and the worker wearing and using the featured items is revealed.
Jackson, Richard

As darkness falls in the forest, animals hoot, chirp, whirr, and bark, lulling drowsy children to sleep.
Judge, Lita

Hoot the owl is excited to teach his younger sister all of his wisdom--but much to his annoyance, Peep is more interested in capturing the magic of the world around her than in listening to his advice.
Kimmel, Eric A.
J398.24 KIMME

A clever spider tricks Elephant and some other animals into thinking the melon in which he is hiding can talk.
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

Kevin learns how to deal with bossy Sammy, who calls himself the "King of the Playground." When Sammy says Kevin can't come into the playground, how will Kevin handle the situation?
Willems, Mo

Nanette, our plucky heroine, takes her first big solo trip to the bakery. But . . . will Nanette get the baguette from baker Juliette? Or will Nanette soon be beset with regret?