National Geographic Society
J297.265 ONETH

Traces centuries of invention and technological innovation in the Muslim world, revealing how Muslim intellectuals built elephant water clocks, drew detailed world maps, and built colossal architectural structures.
Green, Alice
J297.36 GREEN

Introduces this Muslim holiday, discussing when it takes place, its history and significance, preparations, its connection with the hajj, how it is celebrated, and the foods that are eaten on it.
Wharnsby-Ali, Dawud
J782.42 WHARN

Islamic music/children's songs
Walker, Robert
J297.36 WALKE

One of the most important days of the Muslim calendar, Eid al-Adha is a celebration of Ibrahim's devotion to God. Today, Muslims mark the occasion with a feast shared with people in their community. This fascinating book highlights the customs of this special religious holiday, including the clothing, prayers, food, and gifts.
Khan, Hena

In simple rhyming text a young Muslim girl and her family guide the reader through the traditions and colors of Islam.
Dicker, Katie

Introduction to the Muslim religion from the perspective of a child belonging to that faith.
Pirotta, Saviour
J297.36 PIROT

Katz, Karen
J297.36 KATZ

A boy observes the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with his family.
Khan, Hena

Yasmeen has a wonderful time celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with her family and friends.
Wharnsby-Ali, Dawud
J811.6 WHARN

A collection of thirty poems covering a number of topics including motherhood, daily prayer, baby siblings, life on a farm, the animal kingdom, bullying, mosques, Ramadan, appreciating nature, and more.
Murray, Julie
J297.362 MURRA

Presents information on Ramadan the sacred month in the Muslim calendar. During Ramadan, Muslims fast, pray and read the Koran.
Dickmann, Nancy
J297.362 DICKM

Bullard, Lisa
J297.362 BULLA

Explains the history of the holiday, discussing the customs and the celebration Eid al-Fitr.
Zia, F. (Farhana)

The arrival of new student Marwa, a fellow sixth-grader who's a strict Muslim, helps Aliya come to terms with her own lukewarm practice of the faith and her embarrassment over others' reactions to their beliefs.
Nason, Ruth
J297.351 NASON

Shows what to look for in a mosque and explains how the building and artifacts can help visitors understand Muslim beliefs about Allah, the prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an.