Bruel, Nick

Kitty decides to run for President of the Neighborhood Cat Association.
Cronin, Doreen

When Duck gets tired of working for Farmer Brown, his political ambition eventually leads to his being elected President.
Peppas, Lynn
J324.6 PEPPA

What is election day? -- What is democracy? -- Every vote counts -- Early and absentee voting -- Electing leaders -- History of election day -- Election day in the U.S. -- Public holiday -- Polling stations -- Poll workers -- How to vote -- And the winner is -- Other election days -- Election day quiz -- Glossary.
Murphy, Patricia
J324.63 MURPH

Explains the importance of voting, different methods of voting, and how voting helps us take part in our government.
McNamara, Margaret

DVD J324.973 ELECT

From campaigning and debates to rallies and voting, this program explains the activities that precede Election Day. Different levels of public office elections are reviewed along with the constitutional amendments that gave the right to vote to all groups. Children also explore the history of voting and examine the attributes of a good leader by watching as a group of middle school students elect their class president
English, Karen

When Carver Elementary holds school-wide elections for the first time, third-grader Deja puts all her efforts into running for school president, ignoring her best friend Nikki's problems.
Nelson, Robin
J324.7 NELSO

DiPucchio, Kelly

When Grace discovers that there has never been a female U.S. president, she decides to run for school president.
Thomas, William
J324.6 THOMA

A cup of coffee -- Electing the president -- Electing members of Congress -- Electing state officials -- The importance of voting.
Bright-Moore, Susan
J324.6 BRIGH

What is an election? -- The right to vote -- Why do we vote? -- Who do we vote for? -- Different issues -- Political parties -- How to vote -- Many elections -- Vote for me! -- What is a primary? -- National conventions -- Exciting elections -- American elections -- Why don't people vote?
Clark, Catherine

When Aidan, an ordinary Ohio twelve-year-old, saves a presidential candidate from injury during a campaign appearance and his heroic deed is broadcast everywhere, he and his family discover the seamy side of being in the media spotlight.
Stier, Catherine

A simple description of the duties, responsibilities, and traditions of the office of president.
Krosoczka, Jarrett

Max and Kelly both want to win the election for class president, but when one of them loses, the winner finds a way to make the loser feel better.
Czajak, Paul

"Election season is here and Monster is ready to vote! But why cast your ballot when you can run for president instead? With speeches, debates, and a soapbox or two, Monster's newest tale is a campaign encouraging kids to take a stand and fight for what they believe in"-- Provided by publisher.
Wells, Rosemary

While the popular Tiffany and athletic Charles make increasingly outrageous promises in their campaigns for President of Canine Country Day School, Otto quietly enters the race, vowing only to try to do what students really want.
Winston, Sherri

To gain leadership skills needed to run a cupcake-baking empire when she grows up, Brianna runs for president of the fifth grade--expecting little competition--until a new girl enters the race.
Feiffer, Kate

Tired of the unfairness of life, young Luke Pennybaker decides to run for president, with his dog Lily as his running mate.
Sobel, Syl
J324.973 SOBEL

Explains the history and process of electing a president of the United States, and provides facts about Presidents, first ladies, and campaigns.
De Capua, Sarah
J324.7 DECAP

Goodman, Susan E.
J324.973 GOODM

Using witty anecdotes and clear explanations, the author takes readers from the birth of democracy to the electoral college; from front porch campaigning to hanging chads.
Baicker, Karen

Benton, Jim

Determined to be elected class president, mad scientist Frannie K. Stein uses her Atomic Combiner to create a suit that makes her seem to be whatever a voter wants her to be, but the suit has plans of its own.
Gutman, Dan

With his friend as campaign manager and his former babysitter as running mate, twelve-year-old Judson Moon sets out to become President of the United States.
Stier, Catherine
J324.6 STIER

A fictional story featuring helpful nonfiction information about elections.
Clanton, Ben

Hey, you! Yes, you with the dazzling smile! The donkey wants your vote. So does the elephant. And each will do just about anything to win your support. Brag? Sure! Flatter? Absolutely! Exaggerate, name-call, make silly promises and generally act childish? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Soon, the tension mounts, and these two quarrelsome candidates resort to slinging mud (literally) and flinging insults. And what happens when the election results are in? Well, let's just say the donkey and the elephant are in for a little surprise -- and a certain bewhiskered, third-party candidate is in for a first term
Hall, Kirsten

As class elections approach, all the Beasties consider their special qualities.
Christelow, Eileen
J324.973 CHRIS

Using a campaign for mayor as an example, shows the steps involved in an election, from the candidate's speeches and rallies, to the voting booth where every vote counts, to the announcement of the winner.
Martin, Bobi
J324.973 MARTI

Having a voice -- What is an election? -- The history of elections -- Direct democracy or republic? -- Getting registered to vote -- Join the party -- How people vote -- Shhh, it's a secret! -- Primary elections -- Who picks the president? -- Congressional elections -- Elect to vote!