Powell, Jillian
J618.9246 POWEL

Powell, Jillian
J616.462 POWEL

Levine, Michelle
J616.462 LEVIN

"Describes what it is like to live with diabetes, what its symptoms are, and how it is treated"-- Provided by publisher.
Chaloner, Kim
J616.462 CHALO

"An illustrated guidebook for young people with diabetes"-- Provided by publisher.
Schuh, Mari C.
J641.56314 SCHUH

Offers information on diabetes-aware diets, discussing why they are important, and who may be partaking of one.
Loughrey, Anita
J616.462 LOUGH

What is diabetes -- Diabetes : a brief history -- Type 1 diabetes -- Type 2 diabetes -- Symptoms and diagnosis -- Medication -- Hypoglycemia -- Eyes, skin, and feet -- Other health issues -- Healthy eating and drinking -- Physical activity -- Living with diabetes -- Diabetes and families -- Diabetes at school -- Growing up with diabetes -- Diabetes treatment.
Deland, M. Maitland

A superhero figure, magical Katie Kate, explains diabetes to kids in order to increase their understanding and lessen their worries about the disease.
Silverstein, Alvin
J616.462 SILVE

"Find out what diabetes is, the different kinds of diabetes, diabetes testing, and how to treat it"-- Provided by publisher.
O'Neill, Linda
J616.462 ONEIL

Discusses the causes and effects of diabetes and ways to control the disease.
Bryan, Jenny
J616.462 BRYAN

Meet Julie, Tim, Mr. Hussain and Charlie -- What is diabetes? -- Treating diabetes -- Julie's day -- Food and diabetes -- A healthy diet -- Mr. Hussain wants to fast -- Learning about diabetes -- Health check -- Gadgets and gizmos -- A family matter -- Will diabetes ever go away? -- Getting help.
Lang, Rocky

Abel, Mary Bilderback

"Maddy Patti spent her summers at her Pop-Pop's farm. She had always looked for interesting things with her friend, Gideon Green, but this summer was different. Gideon had something called diabetes. could he still do all the things he enjoyed? Pop-Pop explained diabetes to the children. Gideon was not going to let his diagnosis discourage him. After a big storm, one of Pop-Pop's animals got stuck on an island in the river and Gideon saved the day. Diabetic or not, Gideon became a hero! Children will learn through the kind words of Pop-Pop what diabetes is and some healthy choices they can make to feel better and control their symptoms. Also, there are helpful tips to help children understand diabetes and what needs to be done to maintain a healthy lifestyle."--Page [4] cover.
Gosselin, Kim

A young boy is diagnosed with diabetes in the hospital and makes a new friend in Rufus the bear.
Peacock, Carol Antoinette
J362.19 PEACO

An eleven-year-old boy describes how he learned that he had diabetes, the effect of this disease on his life, and how he learned to cope with the changes in his life.
Ganz-Schmitt, Sue

The story of a boy named Kelvin who loves superheroes. His childhood days are spent in imaginative play--saving the day. One day, his fantasies are marred by the reality of getting diabetes--the incessant finger pricks, shots, and the constant doctor's appointments. When a mysterious doctor uncovers that Kelvin has superpowers, the story reveals itself as the genesis of a new kind of superhero. Kelvin is monikered 'Super K' and uses his superpowers to help other kids with diabetes.
Mazur, Marcia Levine

A collection of twenty-five stories portraying children with diabetes doing usual things such as expressing their emotions, coping with difficulties, and having fun.
Telgemeier, Raina

Joining the Baby-sitter's Club after moving to a new town, Stacey helps her new friends outmaneuver a rival sitter group while coming to terms with her diabetes.
Gosselin, Kim