Other Materials About Death

Puttock, Simon

Hippo and Monkey are best, best, best friends and when the wise old Hippo dies, Monkey is very sad until Chameleon helps him remember the stories he and Hippo shared.
Winsch, Jane Loretta
J155.937 WINSC

Discusses the various feelings accompanying the death of a loved one, including sadness, grief, and the fear of death itself.
Durant, Alan

A family of forest animals learns to cope with the death of a loved one.
Varley, Susan

Goldman, Linda
J155.937 GOLDM

Henry's story -- My memory book -- Sharing grief with words -- For caring adults.
Amos, Janine
J155.937 AMOS

Uses letters, stories, and informational text to help children cope with the death of a loved one.
Kuehn, Eileen
J155.937 KUEHN

Death : completing the life cycle -- What happens after death? -- How we grieve -- Tools for healing after the death of a loved one -- Moving beyond grief -- How you can help a friend who is grieving.
Simard, Rémy

A little mouse and his friend, Gustave, go out to play one afternoon in this story about the sadness of losing a friend and the joy of making a new one.
Thomas, Pat
J155.937 THOMA

This reassuring picture book explores the difficult issue of death for young children. Children's feelings and questions about this sensitive subject are looked at in a simple but realistic way. This book helps them to understand their loss and to come to terms with their feelings.
Brisson, Pat

When his teacher, Miss Perry, is killed in a car accident, Stevie and his elementary school classmates take turns sharing memories of her, especially her fondest wish for each day.
Rosen, Michael

A man tells about all the emotions that accompany his sadness over the death of his son, and how he tries to cope.
Hest, Amy

Although she loves her father, their home in New York City, and third-grade teacher Miss Meadows, Annie misses her mother who died recently. Eight-year-old Annie lives in a sunny apartment in Manhattan with her father, Professor Rossi. Life would be pretty good if only Annie didn't so achingly miss her mother. When Mrs. Rossi died suddenly, she left not only Annie but also a classfull of students - who pour out their hearts in a scrapbook Annie will treasure forever. With tenderness and humor, Amy Hest reveals the struggles of a father and daughter as they forge a new life together.
Genechten, Guido van

While looking for chestnuts in the woods, Ricky finds a squirrel lying on the ground. Is he sleeping? Or is he ill? Ricky's mother and father know the answer.
Cammarata, Doreen
J362.28 CAMMA (PTC)

Describes the various feelings survivors may have when someone close to them commits suicide, provides assurance that suicide is the result of depression and not the fault of family and friends, and suggests ways to cope with the situation.
Kempf, Joe
J248.866 KEMPF

"If God is so good, why do innocent people suffer? What is our hope when someone we love dies? How do we go on when our hearts are broken? When the heartaches come, these reflections, prayers, and activities will help every child find their way forward with God. In the back of the book, parents, grandparents, and teachers will find the coaching they need to love their children through difficult times" -- p. [4] of cover.
Edwards, Michelle

Pa Lia and her classmates share memories of Stinky Stern, the second-grade bully.
Warfel, Elizabeth Stuart

White Deer of Autumn

A Native American grandmother explains the meaning of death, or the Great Change, to her questioning granddaughter.
Yolen, Jane

When Sally and her brother spot a beached whale on their way home from school in Maine, the town races to save the whale. Meanwhile, Sally sits close to the whale's eye and assures the stranded creature of its strength and beauty.
Roberts, Jillian

Whether children are experiencing grief and loss for the first time or simply curious, it can be difficult to know how to talk to them about death. Using questions posed in a child's voice and answers that start simply and become more in-depth, this book allows adults to guide the conversation to a natural and reassuring conclusion.
Rock, Lois
J242.4 ROCK

Hewitt, Sally
J155.937 HEWIT

"Case studies and helpful advice for kids who have experienced death of a close loved one"--Provided by publisher.
Levete, Sarah
J155.937 LEVET, 2009

Death and dying -- Why do people die? -- What happens after death? -- When someone dies -- How do you feel? -- Learning to cope -- Don't forget.
Portnoy, Mindy Avra

Children ask different adults and themselves about death and receive a wide variety of answers. Includes an afterword and suggestions for parents.
MacGregor, Cynthia
J155.937 MACGR

Explains death, its effect on the living, and some of the beliefs, customs, and rituals associated with it.