Down Syndrome

Books that talk about Down Syndrome.

Powell, Jillian
J362.19892 POWEL

Hubler, Marsha

One of the special-needs children riding horses at Keystone Stables during the summer has Down-syndrome and when his affection for Skye embarrasses her, she begins to treat him harshly.
Bethesda, MD
J649.15 BABIE 1995 (PTC)

Fleming, Virginia

Although Christy considered him a pest, when Eddie Lee, a boy with Down's Syndrome, follows her into the woods, he shares several special discoveries with her.
Carter, Alden R.

A boy with Down Syndrome helps his parents and grandparents get ready for the birth of his baby sister and chooses the perfect name for her.
Baker, Brenda

Shannon, who has been delighted that her parents are finally going to have a longed-for second child, is horrified when her new brother turns out to have Down syndrome. Like most kids, Shannon wants to blend in and have a family that is considered normal. She is torn between delight and fury at how the family's prayers for a new baby have been answered. After some erratic (but absolutely believable) behavior, Shannon is sent away against her will to Camp Outlook with her best friend. There she meets some fellow campers who are different from the norm. These new friendships, along with a series of mysterious experiences, help her to gain a new understanding of her spirituality and to see the specialness of her younger brother.
Italia, Robert
JB B917I

Examines the life of a young man with Down syndrome who fulfilled his dream of becoming a television star.
Lee, Gregory
JB B917L

Describes the life of a young man with Down syndrome who fulfilled his dream of becoming a television star.
Sullivan, Mary

"Shortly after Cass's big brother is deployed to fight in Iraq, Cass becomes pen pals with an Iraqi girl who opens up her eyes to the effects of war"-- Provided by publisher.
Levine, Michelle
J616.858842 LEVIN

"Describes what it is like to live with Down syndrome, what its symptoms are, and how it is treated"-- Provided by publisher.
Schermerhorn, Will
DVD J618.9285884 DOWN (PTC)

The 'First 18 Months' is a reassuring and realistic introduction to the unique joys and challenges that children with Down syndrome bring to their families. Includes information on newborns, health concerns, therapies, and expectations.
Royston, Angela
J362.196 ROYST

Kumin, Libby
J618.9285884 KUMIN 2003 (PTC)

Royston, Angela
J618.92858842 ROYST

Discusses why down syndrome occurs, how it is diagnosed, how it affects people, and how it is treated.
Bruni, Maryanne
J618.9285884 BRUNI 2006 (PTC)

Bryan, Jenny
J618.92858842 BRYAN

Meet Stacey, Richie, Maria, and Jack -- What is Down syndrome? -- Treatment for Down syndrome -- Stacey's day -- Jack's day -- Richie faces the bullies -- Maria's day -- Growing up -- Maria's outing -- Everyone is different -- Aiming high -- Making life easier -- Getting help.
Pitzer, Marjorie W

"Photographs of young children with Down syndrome enjoying a wide selection of healthful foods, from fruits and veggies to meats and snacks"-- Provided by publisher.
Tourville, Amanda Doering
S J618.92858842 TOURV

"Explains some of the challenges and rewards of having a friend with Down Syndrome using everyday kid-friendly examples--in both English and Spanish"-- Provided by publisher.
Tourville, Amanda Doering
J618.92858842 TOURV

"Explains some of the challenges and rewards of having a friend with Down Syndrome using everyday kid-friendly examples."--Publisher provided.
Woloson, Eliza

A young boy named Charlie describes the activities he shares with his friend Isabelle, a girl with Down Syndrome.
Fox, Paula

When he sees all the attention which his parents and people in the neighborhood give to Jacob, eleven-year-old Paul struggles with his feelings toward this younger brother who has Down syndrome.
Rickert, Janet Elizabeth

Russ, a student with Down syndrome, is having a perfect day until he realizes that the five-dollar bill he has found probably belongs to a classmate.
Rickert, Janet Elizabeth

After Russ, a five-year-old with Down syndrome, picks a basket of apples and helps his mother and grandmother make a pie, his grandfather invites him into the backyard for a surprise.
Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie

Older sister Emma tries to be patient while teaching three-year-old Isaac, who has Down syndrome, how to communicate using sign language. Includes questions and answers about sign language.
Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie

Emma and her father discuss what they will do when the new baby arrives, but they adjust their expectations when he is born with Down syndrome.