Fontes, Justine

Crisp, die-cut artwork and a spare, sprightly text lure readers on a playful exploration of opposites. Purr-fect! What happens when Black meets White? They make polka dots ("That tickles!" Black giggles.), a checkerboard, stripes, wiggles, and more. And when Black and White come together, get ready for a big-eyed, whiskered surprise! With clever diecuts, flaps, and a final, satisfying tab, the mischievous BLACK MEETS WHITE proves that opposites can be attractive indeed.
Swanson, Susan

Illustrations and easy-to-read text explore the light that makes a house in the night a home filled with light.
Stockland, Patricia
J535.6 STOCK

Find the color white all around you through this bold and beautiful book. Simple, repetitive text and bright illustrations make the Colors concept series a must have.
Dingles, Molly

Simple text and photos explain the use of the color white.
Sterling, Kristin
J535.6 STERL

Photographs and simple text introduce young readers to things in nature, at home, and other places that are white.
Winnie, Joanne

A simple story highlights such white things as vanilla ice cream, a white cat, clouds, and milk.
Parker, Victoria
J535.6 PARKE

Shows colors that result when white is mixed with other colors.
Dahl, Michael
J535.6 DAHL

Text and photographs describe common things that are white, including teeth, polar bears, and baseballs.
Jones, Christianne C.

Children enjoy playing in a white winter wonderland.