Bottner, Barbara

A little boy is frustrated by a rambunctious dog that refuses to obey.
Stockland, Patricia M.
J535.6 STOCK

Dingles, Molly

Relating a color to objects in the real world, this book describes things that are brown.
Jones, Christianne C.

Brown animals do all kinds of things in a zoo.
Bullard, Lisa
J641.3 BULLA

Text and photographs describe common foods that are the color brown. Includes a recipe.
Allison, Catherine

An ancient teddy bear comes to life one night and takes Jess on a magical adventure.
Dahl, Michael
J535.6 DAHL

Text and photographs describe common things that are brown, including grocery bags, footballs, and teddy bears.
Stockland, Patricia M.
J535.6 STOCK

Iyengar, Malathi Michelle
J811.6 IYENG

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Tan, sienna, topaz, or tamarind? Poet Malathi Michelle Iyengar sees a whole spectrum of beautiful shades of brown. Swirls of henna decorate ocher hands and feet at an Indian wedding. Cinnamon lips smile over a cup of cafe con leche. And maple leaves drift like stars onto upturned russet faces in fall.This warm and inviting poetry collection helps young readers discover that no matter what your skin tone, every shade is beautiful. Jamel Akib's pastel illustrations bring the richness of brown to vivid, varied life."