Abraham Lincoln

Books that delve into the life of America's 16th President: Abraham Lincoln.

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J973.74 INDIA (PTC)

Indiana and the Civil War (white pages) study guide with workbook activities -- 25 (light gray pages) unit guides with study questions, including: (1) Young Abraham -- (2) Abe grows up -- (3) Abe moves to Illinois -- (4) Abraham Lincoln, Mr. President -- (5) Slavery in Indiana -- (6) They all wanted freedom -- (7) Polly -- (8) Levi Coffin, station master -- (9) Buying themselves -- (10) Governor Oliver P. Morton -- (11) Camp Morton -- (12) The Battle of Gettysburg -- (13) The Battle of Fredericksburg -- (14) Agony at Andersonville -- (15) Morgan's raiders -- (16) Bounty jumpers -- (17) The knights of the golden circle -- (18) The gatling gun -- (19) The Reno Brothers, an outlaw gang -- (20) Free public school -- (21) The underground railroad -- (22) Yanks from Indiana -- (23) The twenty-eighth regiment -- (240 The great locomotive chase -- (25) A time for rebuilding.
Mazer, Harry

Forced off their land in Kentucky in 1816, nine-year-old Sarah Lincoln, known as Sally, and her family, including younger brother Abe, move to the Indiana frontier.
Hopkinson, Deborah

In Knob Creek, Kentucky, in 1816, seven-year-old Abe Lincoln falls into a creek and is rescued by his best friend, Austin Gollaher.
Schroeder, Alan

Abe Lincoln is known for his many memorable adages. As the sixteenth president he needed all the wisdom he could muster to guide the country through the Civil War, preserve the union, and end slavery. This nontraditional tribute to the president who brought the homespun humor of his humble beginnings to the White House uses the alphabet to organize informat ion about his life and accomplishments.
Smith, Lane

When a schoolgirl gets separated from her tour of the White House and finds herself in the Lincoln bedroom, she also discovers the ghost of the great man himself.
Brenner, Martha

A story about how Abe Lincoln had a habit of keeping letters and other notes in his hat.
Rappaport, Doreen

Tells about the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln.
Keating, Frank

Presents a tour of the sixteenth president's life from boyhood to presidency.
Freedman, Russell
J973.70922 FREED

A clear-sighted, carefully researched account of two surprisingly parallel lives and how they intersected at a critical moment in U.S. history.
Burleigh, Robert

Covers the thirteen days when people across the nation paid homage to Lincoln's funeral train as it made its way from Washington D.C. to Springfield, IL.
Lincoln, Abraham

A collection of speeches and letters of Abraham Lincoln, with brief introductions that provice historical background. Illustrated throughout with black-and-white archival photographs.
Malaspina, Ann

In segregated 1950s Alabama, Louis cannot use the public library to research a class assignment, but one of the librarians lets him in after hours and helps him find the book that he needs. Includes an author's note with historical information about library segregation in the South.
Butzer, C. M

A detailed, comic-book style to depicting the Battle of Gettysburg; the national movement to create a memorial there; and the quiet day in 1863 when Lincoln delivered his galvanizing speech. Butzer uses only primary sources for the text, drawing from first-person letters and diaries, speeches, and Lincoln's own writing to unpack this series of historical events. The address itself is played out over eighteen pages, with every phrase given a visual interpretation that will resonate with young readers.
Sandler, Martin W

A biography that showcases over 100 images of Lincoln's life.
Freedman, Russell

An illustrated biography of Abraham Lincoln. This book won the Newbery Medal in 1988.
O'Reilly, Bill
J973.7092 OREIL

Describes the events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the hunt to track down John Wilkes Booth and his accomplices.
Kalman, Maira

Wanting to know about the real man behind the sixteenth president's legendary character, a little girl learns about Lincoln's beliefs regarding universal freedom as well as lesser-known aspects of his life, from his love of Mozart and his wife's vanilla cake to his pet dog and the way he kept notes in his stovepipe hat.
Rabin, Staton

Tad and Willie Lincoln are two of the most mischievous pranksters you could ever meet. They also happen to be Abraham Lincoln's sons. The boys treat the White House like their very own playground, aggravating everyone, except their indulgent father. To Mr. Lincoln, the boys and their antics are a welcome distraction from the looming Civil War. So when Tad and Willie get themselves into an especially tricky situation, they appeal directly to the only person with the power to help: the President of the United States. Based on true events, Mr. Lincoln's Boys is a celebration of the light-hearted side of Abraham Lincoln.
Jones, Lynda
JB K233J

Few events can stir up a scandal more than an autobiography of a First Lady's confidante. In 1868, a controversial tell-all called Behind the Scenes introduced readers to Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley. Mrs. Keckley was a former slave who had been Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker and friend during the White House years, and in the aftermath of President Lincoln's assassination. The book exposed Mary's marriage and her erratic behavior, along with confidential opinions of many in high society. The airing of the Lincoln's "dirty laundry" meant humiliation for Mary and her family, and Elizabeth's reputation was destroyed. This outcome would have been unimaginable in 1867, when Mary declared in a letter, "I consider you my best living friend." How could such a bond have developed between a woman born into slavery and the First Lady of the United States? Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker answers this question by chronicling the extraordinary lives of these women.
Aylesworth, Jim

"Rhythmic verse tells the story of Abraham Lincoln's life, from his childhood in the wilderness of Illinois to his famous achievements as president"--Provided by publisher.
St. George, Judith

Growing up poor in the backwoods of Kentucky and Indiana, Abraham Lincoln lost his mother before he was ten. But Sally Johnston, who married Abe's father a year later, brought a library of books to their log cabin home and turned young Abe's life around.
Olson, Kay Melchisedech

Describes the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the escape and death of John Wilkes Booth in graphic novel format.
Kneib, Martha
J973.7 KNEIB

"Experience the Civil War from President Abraham Lincoln's perspective. Learn about the challenges he faced, how he responded to difficult issues, and how he shaped the country during this pressing time in office"--Publisher's website.
Landau, Elaine
J973.714 LANDA

"Examines the events leading up to President Abraham Lincoln's decision to write the Emancipation Proclamation ending slavery, including the beginning of the Civil War"--Provided by publisher.
Burgan, Michael
J973.7349 BURGA

Burying the dead -- Slavery in America -- Lincoln and slavery -- Civil war begins -- Gettysburg and its cemetery -- Writing and giving the address -- After the speech -- Glossary -- Did you know? -- Important dates -- Important people -- Want to know more? -- Index.
Fleming, Candace

Though Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln's backgrounds differed considerably, both were intellectuals who shared interests in literature and politics, as well as a great love for each other.
Nardo, Don

"Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War are forever linked. The bloody conflict began in 1861, the year Lincoln was elected president. It ended in 1865, the year he was struck down by an assassin's bullet. During those years the admired and despised 16th president served as a brilliant commander in chief, ultimately keeping the nation together and freeing thousands of its enslaved people."--Publisher.
Thomson, Sarah L

This book uses some of Lincoln's quotes to tell the story of his life.