Apples are a favorite topic, particularly during fall. This list contains lots of great apple books.

Parish, Herman

While visiting her grandparents, literal-minded Amelia Bedelia finally learns, despite some mishaps, how to bake an apple pie.
Gillis, Jennifer Storey
J641.6 GILLI

Filled with more than 20 apple facts, games, puzzles, crafts, recipes, even apple mint growing information, this book is perfect for families and teachers.
Bodden, Valerie
J634.11 BODDE

An exploration of the life cycle and life span of apples, using up-close photographs and step-by-step text to follow an apple's growth process from seed to seedling to mature tree.
Purmell, Ann

Alex and Abigail join the whole family in processing and selling apples and apple cider at their grandfather's farm.
Holub, Joan

Rhyming text describes a school field trip to an apple orchard, where the students count down all the things they see, from twenty nametags to one apple pie.
Klein, Abby

Freddy's first grade class is visiting an apple orchard where they will pick apples and search for a special hidden apple. Will sneaky Max cheat his way to the $5 prize?
Murray, Alison

A story about a girl baking an apple pie and a puppy observing the activities teaches the letters of the alphabet.
McNamara, Margaret
J634.11 MCNAM

An alphabet book double as a primer on apples and apple cultivation.
Rockwell, Anne

In preparation for Halloween night, a family visits Mr. Comstock's farm to pick apples and pumpkins.
Koontz, Robin
J634.11 KOONT

Autumn is apple harvest time. Come along on a trip to the apple orchard. Find out how apples are picked and stored. Learn which apples are best for munching. But watch out for the apple worms!
KIT J641.34

Explore the world of they grow, what to make with them and some stories about Johnny Appleseed!
Hunt, Bernice Kohn
J634.11 HUNT

Describes the history, cultivation, and different varieties of the apple and includes recipes and myths and legends associated with this fruit.
Knudsen, Michelle

When the weather turns cool and crisp, a family visits an apple orchard and savors the crunchy sweetness of freshly picked apples.
Brunelle, Lynn
J634.11 BRUNE

Where do apples come from? -- How do apples get to stores? -- How do apples stay fresh in a warehouse? -- How do apple growers keep bugs from eating apple trees? -- What happens at the end of the apple trees' growing season?
Berry, Lynne

Five little ducks ride bicycles and gather apples to make a sweet treat.
Rustad, Martha E. H.
J634.11 RUSTA

Discusses how apples grow and how to use them, including pies and cider.
Chernesky, Felicia Sanzari

"Told in crisp, action-driven rhymes from a young child's point of view, From Apple Trees to Cider, Please! is a realistic account of how apple cider is pressed, flavored with the charm and vigor of a harvest celebration." -- Provided by the publisher.
Ganeri, Anita
J583.73 GANER

Discover how a seed grows into an apple. This title explains plant growth in a clear and organized manner. Readers will love watching the transformations take place.
Maestro, Betsy

Describes the life cycle of an apple from its initial appearance as a spring bud to that point in time when it becomes a fully ripe fruit.
Peters, Elisa
S J634.11 PETER

A book about apple trees in both English and Spanish.
Tuminelly, Nancy
J641.6411 TUMIN

Make cooking super simple with these Super Simple Recipes. This book features a delicious main ingredient kids will love, apples! With step-by-step instructions on how to make the easy and tasty recipes like crispy apple chips and sassy apple salsa, young cooks will jump at the chance to prepare their favorite food in new ways.
Battut, Eric

Little Mouse refuses to reveal his secret despite being questioned by his friends.
Tseng, Kevin

A worm tries out a variety of new homes when the apple he has been living in starts to rot, but none--from a lemon to a watermelon--is satisfactory.
Boldt, Claudia

Peanut, an odd dog who doesn't like bones, but apples, worries that his next-door neighbor, Milo, might steal all the apples from his tree, but Peanut discovers something about Milo (and himself) that changes everything.
Bunting, Eve

While on a school field trip to an orchard to make cider, a young immigrant named Farah gains self-confidence when the green apple she picks perfectly complements the other students' red apples.
Harshman, Marc

Leads the reader through a bountiful garden in autumn while drawing particular attention to the variety of colors found within it.
Paul, Ruth

While selling candy apples, Red Panda worries that he will not have enough for all his friends and himself.
LeSieg, Theo

A lion, a dog, and a tiger balance apples on their heads.
Hutchins, Pat

In rhyming verses, one animal after another neighs, moos, oinks, quacks and makes other appropriate sounds as each eats an apple from the farmer's tree.
Arnold, Katya
J398.2 ARNOL

In this retelling of a Russian folk tale, Rabbit, Crow, and Hedgehog fight over ownership of an apple, until Bear persuades them to share.
Ray, Jane

In a land that has stood barren, parched by drought and ravaged by frosts since the Queen's death, the King sets his three daughters the task of making the kingdom bloom again, and discovers that sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.
Cooke, Trish

The changing nature of their apple tree, as it grows and goes through the seasons, reminds Leigh and Vin of their grandfather, who is gone but lives on in their memories.
Stoeke, Janet Morgan

Pip, Midge, and Dot are enjoying the shade under an apple tree when fruit starts falling around them, causing the hens to suspect a fox is in the tree trying to hit them.
Gibbons, Gail

This book about nature and the changing seasons focuses on a young boy and a very special apple tree. In Gail Gibbons's bright illustrations, Arnold collects apple blossoms in spring, builds a tree house in summer, makes apple pie and cider in the fall, and hangs strings of popcorn and berries for the birds in winter, among other seasonal activities.
Gorbachev, Valeri

A simple question leads to the description of a more and more outlandish situation, but never really gives an answer.