Famous Hoosiers

Hillery, Louise

Tacumwah, Cates, and Kilsoquah: daughters of the Miami tribe -- Marie Bailly: first settler in northwest Indiana -- Mother Théodore Guérin: frontier educator and Catholic saint -- Sarah Bolton: Indiana's pioneer poet -- Zerelda Wallace: suffragist and temperance advocate -- Lillian Thomas Fox: journalist and health care activist -- Gene Stratton-Porter: naturalist, author, and photographer -- The Overbeck sisters: pottery artists -- Madam C.J. Walker: entrepreneur and philanthropist -- Dorothy Buell: dunes preservationist -- Vivian Carter: radio deejay and record producer -- Margaret Ray Ringenberg: passionate pilot.
Lefkowitz, Frances

A biography of the late-night television talk show host, comedian, and comedy writer who first appeared nationally in 1978 on the Tonight Show.
Butler, Carol
JB W6931B

The story follows the career of Genois Wilson Brabson who became the first female firefighter in the City of Fort Wayne , Indiana.
Bredeson, Carmen
JB G889B

A biography of one of America's first seven astronauts, focusing on the training and career of Gus Grissom, who died in a fire aboard Apollo I in 1967.
Leipold, L.E.

McClure, John R.
J977.2 MCCLU

Privately printed for the family of John R. McClure as a memorial tribute on the 110th anniversary of the West Virginia campaign.
Mis, Melody S.

A kid's guide to drawing the presidents of the United States of America
Price, Nelson
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Series of Hoosier portraits ranging from political leaders to entertainers, from sports legends to everyday folk who achieved fame or notoriety.
Georgiady, Nicholas

Georgiady, Nicholas

Mitchell, Minnie Belle

Provides a fictional account of the childhood of the "Children's Poet," who wrote more than one hundred poems including "Little Orphant Annie" and "The Old Swimmin' Hole."
Kavanagh, Jack

Biography of the famous basketball star from Indiana.
Price, Nelson
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Chronicles 40 famous Hoosiers from Johnny Appleseed to David Letterman.
Cunningham, Maggi

A biography of the Miami Indian chief who formed a confederation of Miami, Shawnee, and Potawatomi Indians that unsuccessfully attempted to drive white settlers from tribal lands.
Henry, Joanne Landers
JB J636H

Follows the daily life of eleven-year-old Oliver Johnson, whose family pioneered early Indianapolis.
McKissack, Patricia
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Describes the life of the black laundress who founded a cosmetics company and became the first female self-made millionaire in the United States.
Marsico, Katie
JB W1512MA

McAneney, Caitie
JB W1512MC

Self-made millionaire -- Daughter of slaves -- Marrying young -- New life in St. Louis -- A solution to her problems -- Filling a need -- The Walker system -- Moving to Indianapolis -- Amazing marketing skills -- The secret to success -- The richest woman around -- A great philanthropist -- The Madam's legacy.
Swain, Gwenyth
JB C6544S

A biography of a Quaker man from North Carolina whose fearless work on the Underground Railroad in Indiana and Ohio helped thousands of men and women escape the cruelty of slavery.
Ewen, David
JB P833E

Boomhower, Ray E.
JB P993B

Basen, Ryan

Story of the NACAR racing champion.
Stine, Megan
JB J1362ST

Who was Michael Jackson? -- Small house, big dream -- Sunny California -- Big changes -- Fame and fortune -- Scarred and burned -- Buying the Beatles -- Wacko Jacko -- A family of his own -- Too little, too late -- Timelines -- Bibliography.