Fort Wayne History

Saint Jude Catholic School

A school research project funded by the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, the Indiana Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for Humanities. Research completed by Grades K-8. Each selection includes picture complete with title, artist/architect, date of completion, size, medium, location, condition of piece and a brief history.
Violette, Ralph
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Martone, Patty
J977.2 MARTO

Composed diary entries of Edith, Alice, and Agnes Hamilton written and illustrated by 4th graders at Brentwood Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana with help from Patty Martone and the Celebrate 2000 Committee.
Ankenbruck, John

Harter, Randolph
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Wayne arrived on September 17, 1794, and a fortification was constructed and dedicated as Fort Wayne on October 21, 1794. In the ensuing 200-plus years, a thriving city of over 250,000 persons has emerged. Postcard History Series: Fort Wayne celebrates the growth and success of this city during the first half of 20th century.
Sebring, Blake
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What could a Fort Wayne Sports Hall of Fame look like and who would it include? Local athletes have affected almost every level of amateur and professional sport, and many landed in their sport's hall of fame. This book contains their stories in a calendar format that is easy to search by month and day, or simply enjoy reading cover to cover.
Canterbury School
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After visiting many of these places during classroom field trips, students and teachers composed these articles based on their visits and research.
Bushnell, Scott M
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Photographs are from the collections of the Allen County Public Library, the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society, the Embassy Theatre Foundation, and the Library of Congress.
DVD J637.4 ICE

Filmed at Edy's Ice Cream in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this video shows how ice cream is made in a factory. The program discusses ingredients, Pasteurization, flavoring, quality control, and low temperatures.
Harter, Randolph
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Fort Wayne sits astride the confluence where the St. Joseph and St. Mary's Rivers form the Maumee River. Though occupied for over 10,000 years, its modern history begins just over 200 years ago with Gen. Anthony Wayne and his Miami nemesis, Chief Little Turtle. The pageant of Fort Wayne's history includes traders, industrialists, politicians, athletes, and movie stars.
Wichern, Dana
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Official commemorative book of Mastodons on Parade - Fort Wayne's first community art project.
Poinsatte, Charles
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Bushnell, Scott M.
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At the centennial of its founding by General Anthony Wayne in 1794, the city of Fort Wayne could boast prosperity and rapid growth as a leading industrial center of the Midwest. By the start of World War I, it had become the second-largest city in Indiana.
Mather, George Ross
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DVD 590.73 F77

Gives a tour of the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, discussing some of the animals, some of the rides, and the coming new features at the African exhibit.