Mental Illness & Emotional Issues

These books cover a variety of mental and emotional illnesses.

Anglada, Tracy

A teddy bear helps Brandon to cope with his bipolar disorder.
Moulton, Erin

Lucy Peevey, twelve, and her best friend, Cam, are perfecting the robot that could win a competition, a scholarship, and a way out of Sunnyside Trailer Park when Lucy's mother goes off her medication and her manic-depressive disorder goes out of control.
Lewandowski, Lisa

Darcy Daisy is upset and confused after hearing rumors about Ms. Zinnia, a community member who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Day, Marie

Edward the Crazy Man is a story of triumph over misunderstanding. It is a touching and funny, humane, and dynamic tale of one boy's will to help one man and to change perceptions about homelessness and schizophrenia.
Vaught, Susan

Eleven-year-old Footer and her friends investigate when a nearby farm is burned, the farmer murdered, and his children disappear, but as they follow the clues, Footer starts having flashbacks and wonders if she is going crazy like her mother, who is back in a mental institution near their Mississippi home.
Plummer, Debborah
J155.418 PLUMM (PTC)

This book is full of creative ideas for use with children who have difficulty in coping with change, stress and normal levels of anxiety.
Shapiro, Lawrence
J152.47 SHAPI

Anger control problems are common in children and can hamper academic and social development. In this title kids learn skills for managing anger. They learn how to express anger in nondestructive ways, use problem-solving skills to head off anger, and cope with feelings of frustration.
MacLachlan, Patricia

A young child lives with a foster family until her own mother is well enough to care for her.
Rosen, Michael

A man tells about all the emotions that accompany his sadness over the death of his son, and how he tries to cope.
Weaver, Mary Wenger

David confronts the trauma of his mother's depression and its effects on the family.
Niner, Holly L.

Eight-year-old Kevin is frustrated by his need to check things and repeat actions over and over until a counselor diagnoses obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and teaches him ways to manage this condition. Includes a note for parents and teachers explaining OCD.
Sessions, Deborah
J616.8523 SESSI

This book is written from the point of view of the child of a parent with multiple personality disorder.
Kroll, Virginia L.

Ten-year-old Rachael describes how her twenty-year-old sister's schizophrenia has affected the family and expresses her own feelings of sadness and anger.
Zelinger, Laurie E.
J152.46 ZELIN

This book translates anxiety from the jargon of psychology into concrete experiences that children can relate to. Children and their parents will understand the biological and emotional components of anxiety responsible for the upsetting symptoms they experience.
Campbell, Bebe Moore

A little girl copes with her mother's mental illness, with the help of her grandmother and friends.
Boyne, John

Four years after Alfie Summerfield's father left London to become a soldier in World War I he has not returned but Alfie, now nine, is shining shoes at King's Cross Station when he happens to learn that his father is at a nearby hospital being treated for shell shock.
Harrington, Karen

Twelve-year-old Sarah writes letters to her hero, To Kill a Mockingbird's Atticus Finch, for help understanding her mentally ill mother, her first real crush, and life in her small Texas town, all in the course of one momentous summer.
Holloway, Angela
J616.895 HOLLO

The Bipolar Bear Family is a story about a young cub who struggles to understand his mother's behavior and her subsequent diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.
Peters, Andrew Fusek

When a child's father suffers from depression and the colors of his world are stolen, he worries that his father's gloom is somehow his fault; but as his father's condition improves with help, the color starts to return.
Shapiro, Lawrence
J155.418 SHAPI (PTC)

The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids , written by two child therapists, offers more than fifty activities you can do together as a family to help you and your child replace stressful and anxious feelings with feelings of optimism, confidence, and joy.
Taylor, John F.
J618.928589 TAYLO

Provides information and advice for kids who have ADHD, including what the disorder is, ways to make things better at home, at school, and with friends, taking medicine, eating healthy foods, and more.
Lederman, Judith
J618.92895 LEDER

The Ups and Downs of Raising a Bipolar Child gives parents the sound advice and expert information they need to cope with this challenging diagnosis, and shows how to provide essential care and support for a bipolar child as well as for the rest of the family.
Huebner, Dawn
J155.232 HUEBN

"Teaches school-age children cognitive-behavioral techniques to reduce and overcome negativity, through writing and drawing activities and self-help exercises and strategies. Includes introduction for parents"--Provided by publisher.
Huebner, Dawn
J155.41246 HUEBN

"Teaches school-age children cognitive-behavioral techniques to reduce and overcome anxiety, fears, and worry, through writing and drawing activities and self-help exercises and strategies. Includes introduction for parents"--Provided by publisher.
Huebner, Dawn
J618.9285227 HUEBN

Guides children and their parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Huebner, Dawn
J152.47 HUEBN

Guides children and their parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques used to treat problems with anger. This interactive self-help book teaches children a set of anger dousing methods aimed at cooling angry thoughts and controlling angry actions, resulting in calmer, more effective kids.
Crist, James
J618.928527 CRIST, 2014

Everyone feels "down" sometimes. Who wouldn't feel blue if their best friend moved away or if they were being teased or bullied in school? Counselor and clinical psychologist James J. Crist has written a book that kids can turn to for support, encouragement, and ideas for coping when they feel bad, sad, grumpy, or lonely.
Andrews, Beth
J616.8527 ANDRE

Defines depression, identifies depression treatments, and provides many self-help options for those coping with a depressed parent. Includes a note to parents and spaces for writing questions or drawing to help express emotions and concerns.
Kastle, Seth

This book was written to assist military individuals and families who are struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Prickett, Mary Lou

Why is Mommy Crying? is a children's book that hopefully will answer questions that a child might ask when someone close to them suffers from depression.
Clark, Lisa
J362.2 CLARK

"Wishing wellness is a workbook for the child whose mother or father is suffering from a serious mental illness. Packed with information, interactive questions, and fun activities, it's an ideal tool for children and their therapists or other professional mental health workers..."--Cover back.