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How to volunteer

To become an Access Fort Wayne Television Volunteer, first fill out a Volunteer Application.  

The Volunteer Services Manager of the ACPL will then contact you to schedule an interview, discussing your interests and skills, time availability, and other aspects of volunteering in making a good fit for AFW. The Volunteer Services Manager will schedule you for the next AFW Studio workshop. Public Access Trainer, Eugene Gussenhoven will then contact you to set-up an Orientation to AFW's facilities.

 If you have further questions about Access Fort Wayne, please call us at 260-421-1250, or if you have questions about volunteering at the ACPL, contact Sandy Screeton

Entry Level Workshops at AFW

Camera Training comes in two introductory workshops: Studio and Camcorder. 

The Studio workshop covers basic camera movements and working as a unit for in-studio television productions. 

The Camcorder workshops builds on the Studio skills training for field productions including basic audio and technical support.

Advanced Workshops

Volunteers working on programs can earn higher training through volunteer hours. 20 hours working on Studio Camera opens the Audio Operator workshop where volunteers learn about the precise art of the other half of television. 20 hours running audio for programs nets volunteers focused Directing training to handle all aspects of television production from concept to creation. Each of these workshops take place one on one when a volunteer works the programs and wants to learn.



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