These websites provide access to a wide number of government agencies and bureaus. If you're not quite sure where to go or how to begin, these sites can help you get started. Selected by the staff of the Business & Technology Department of the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Federal Bulletin Board
A free electronic bulletin board service; allows Federal agencies to provide to the public immediate self-service access to Federal information (including reports, speeches, press briefs and fact sheets) in electronic form.

FedWorld: the NTIS/FedWorld Information Network
Seeks to provide comprehensive central access for locating and acquiring government information. Access to more than two dozen databases, with a search capability of more than 14,000 files.

USA.gov (formerly FirstGov)
Official U.S. government's web portal for the public.

Includes full-text searching of the US Budget, the Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional Bills and Documents, the Congressional Record, the Federal Register, Supreme Court Decisions, and the US Code.

U.S. Government Federal Agency Directory
An extensive listing of government departments and agencies from Louisiana State University.

University of Michigan Documents Center
An extensive collection of links to Web sites with local, state, federal, foreign, and international government information. The Documents Center also has a large section on statistical resources, organized by topic.

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