Before beginning your Internet medical research, visit our Electronic Databases page to search several databases of magazine and journal articles. The following sites are good places to begin your research:

  • About.com guide to arthritis
    An extensive collection of arthritis articles from other Web sites.
  • Arthritis Foundation
    Basic information on various types of arthritis. Tips on treatment and management, plus discussion groups and an "ask an expert" feature.
  • American Cancer Society
    A good place to begin. Comprehensive source of information for cancer patients and their caregivers. Has a cancer glossary, information on research, and cancer news.
  • Cancer Mailing Lists
    A list of electronic mailing list support groups for cancer patients and caregivers.
  • Cancer.gov Another good starting point. Detailed information on various types of cancer, prevention, testing, treatments, and clinical trials. Offers a large collection of Internet links. From the National Cancer Institute.
  • OncoLink
    Another good clearinghouse of cancer information. A notable feature here is the OncoLink RX Chemotherapy Drug Reference. From the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center.
    Federally funded database of assistive technology products. Descriptions of products include price and company information. Also has consumer reviews of products in the database.
  • Allen County League for the Blind and Disabled
    Information about the organization and its programs and services, plus relevant Internet links.
  • Disability Resource Monthly
    Excellent guide to disability resources on the Internet. Also has a directory of state and local organizations for those with disabilities.
  • WheelchairNet
    Online community on wheelchair use. Tips on living with a wheelchair, updates on wheelchair research, product information, and discussion forums.
  • Mental Health Net
    Information on mental illness and its treatment, a glossary of mental health terms, and online support groups.
  • National Institute of Mental Health
    Covers a variety of mental illnesses. Also has information on NIMH research, listings of clinical trials, and statistics on mental disorders.
  • National Mental Health Association
    Basic information on mental illness, information on public education programs, statistics, and mental health news.
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