You may check out up to 25 music CDs. Sound recordings are arranged by ANSCR class according to type of music. Signs on the shelves indicate the ANSCR categories. 

ANSCR Classes

Music Appreciation, Chants, Meditation
B Operas
C Choral Music
D Vocal Music

Orchestral Music
  • EA General Orchestral
  • EB Ballet Music
  • EC Concertos
  • ES Symphonies
F Chamber Music

Solo Instrumental Music
  • GG Guitar
  • GO Organ
  • GP Piano
  • GS Stringed Instruments
  • GV Violin
  • GW Wind Instruments
  • GX Percussion Instruments
H Band Music
J Electronic & New Age Music
K Musical Shows
L Soundtrack Music

Popular Music
  • MA Pop and Big Band Music
  • MB Blues
  • MC Country & Western
  • MI Inspirational, Religious, Gospel
  • MJ Jazz
  • MR Rock, Rap, Reggae

P Folk & Ethnic Music: United States
Q Folk & Ethnic Music: Other Countries
R Holiday Music
Y Sounds & Special Effects

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