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NOTE: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JE Agell, Charlotte I Slide into the White of Winter
Sized just right for small hands, these lyrical little books are a joyful celebration of all four seasons. Lap snugglers, older children, and all who read to them will love Agell's fluid, beguilingly simple illustrations.
JE ALLEN Allen, Jonathon When The Snow Comes
Little Yak senses something in the air and his mom tells him that "Snow is coming." The youngster sets out to tell his animal friends and find out what they do to prepare for the coming of winter.
JE BADOE Badoe, Adwoa Nana's Cold Days
Nana is coming to visit from Africa, and grandsons Ken and Rama have been looking forward to her visit for months. But it's icy cold when she arrives, and all she can do is drape herself in bed covers. No one can dream up a way to entice Nana from her nest until she becomes ill. When Nana feels better she quickly takes the situation in hand and solves everyone's problems once and for all.
JE BAKER Baker, Keith No Two Alike
Follows a pair of birds on a snowflake-filled journey through a winter landscape, where everything everywhere, from branches and leaves to forests full of trees, is unique.
JE Bogacki, Tomek Cat and Mouse in the Snow
A curious little cat and a curious little mouse set out to look for the green meadow one morning because the world around them looks very different.
JE Bradby, Marie The Longest Wait
When Daddy rides off on his horse in a terrible snow storm to deliver the mail, his family anxiously awaits his return.
JE Bridwell, Norman Clifford's First Snow Day
Join Clifford as he experiences the joys of seeing, and playing in, snow for the first time.
JE Brown, Margaret W. The Winter Noisy Book
A little dog listens to the indoor and outdoor sounds of winter: sneezes, branches rattling against the window, the crackling of a fire in the fireplace, and the tinkling of iced tree branches.
JE BUTLE Butler, M. Christina One Winter's Day
When a wintry wind blows away Little Hedgehog's nest, he sets out for his friend Badger's house, and the generosity he shows to others during his journey is returned to him when the snowstorm is over.
JE Butterworth, Nick One Snowy Night
On a snowy night when a park keeper takes the animals into his hut for warmth, things get too crowded for comfort.
JE CARLS Carlstrom, Nancy White Mama, Will It Snow Tonight?
Three mothers and their offspring -- fox, rabbit, and human -- wait for the first snow of winter.
JE Carr, Jan Frozen Noses
Describes the delights of such winter activities as throwing snowballs, making a snowman, and going ice skating.
JE Chapman, Cheryl Snow on Snow on Snow
Uses repetitive word play to tell the story of a boy who loses and then recovers his dog while sledding in the snow. Includes suggestions for classroom activities.
JE CHENG Cheng, Andrea The Lemon Sisters
On her 80th birthday, a woman watches three young sisters play outside in the snow, remembers good times with her own sisters, and receives several birthday surprises. Includes a simple recipe for making lemon ice with snow
JE CHESS Chessa, Francesca Holly's Red Boots
Holly wants to play in the snow and needs her red books, so she and her cat Jasper search the house for anything red.
JE Christiana, David The First Snow
Winter seeks acceptance from the young Mother Nature, who hates the season and tries to keep it away by painting the trees bright and wild colors.
JE COCCA Cocca-Leffler, Maryann Let It Snow
In this simple rhyming story, three children share the activities of winter, until the first signs of spring appear.
JE Crews, Nina Snowball
A child waits all week for the predicted snow to come.
JE Cuyler, Margery The Biggest, Best Snowman
Nell is told by her BIG sisters and her mother that she is too small to help out, but everyone, including Nell, feels differently after her forest friends give her the confidence to build a large snowman.
JE Diviny, Sean Snow Inside the House
A young child imagines what it would be like if it snowed inside instead of outside the house.
JE Dixon, Ann Winter Is
A boy and girl describe winter and the wonderful activities of that season, but also look forward to summer.
JE DUNRE Dunrea, Olivier It's Snowing
A mother shares the magic of a snowy night with her baby.
JE Ehlert, Lois Snowballs
Some children create a family out of snow. Includes labeled pictures of all the items they use, as well as information about how snow is formed.
JE Evans, Lezlie Snow Dance
Children eagerly wait for the snow to begin to fall, and when it does, they spend a day of fun playing in it.
JE FISHE Fisher, Carolyn The Snow Show
A cooking show goes on location to the North Pole to demonstrate the recipe for making snow.
JE Fleischman, Paul Lost!: A Story in String
A grandmother tells a story about a young girl who uses her wits and what is available to her to help her survive when she is lost in the snow. Includes instructions for creating a number of string figures mentioned in the story.
JE FLEMI Fleming, Denise The First Day of Winter
A snowman comes alive as the child building it adds pieces during the first ten days of winter.
JE FORD Ford, Bernette First Snow
A family of young rabbits goes into a meadow at night to explore and play in winter's first snow.
JE Gay, Marie-Louise Stella, Queen of the Snow
Sam experiences his first snowstorm. Sam is timid and plies his exuberant sister with myriad questions about what snowmen eat, how many snowflakes are in a snowball, etc. Stella's answers are an amusing combination of fact and fancy as she gently urges her brother to shed his fears and share her delight in the day.
JE George, Jean Craighead Snow Bear
Bessie and a polar bear cub named Snow Bear play on the ice, while her older brother and the mother bear watch to make sure that everyone is safe.
JE Gershator, Phillis When It Starts to Snow
Various animals tell what they do and where they go when it starts to snow.
JE GHIGN Ghigna, Charles I See Winter
Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text show what makes winter special, from snowflakes and sleds to cocoa and Christmas.
JE Gliori, Debi The Snow Lambs
Because she is on a rescue mission, Bess, the sheep dog, fails to respond when Sam's dad calls her to return home as a winter storm approaches.
JE Gliori, Debi The Snowchild
A social outcast makes a snowman‘and her first friend‘in this well-pitched tale.
JE Grindley, Sally What Will I Do Without You?
Figgy Twosocks sulks when her friend Jefferson Bear goes away to hibernate, but in time she finds a new friend in Hoptail the squirrel and is able to play again with Jefferson after winter ends.
JE GURTH Gurth, Per-Henrik. Snowy Sports: Ready, Set, Play
Join this adorable cast of animal characters as they bundle up to skate, slide, sweep, sled, ski and snowboard.
JE HAAS Haas, Rick de Peter and the Winter Sleepers
Peter lives in a lighthouse with his grandmother and dog, Leo. After a giant blizzard, the lighthouse turns into shelter for the birds and bunnies, who just want to sleep through the winter. But should he let the fox in to sleep, too?
JE Henkes, Kevin Oh!
The snow falls all night. Everything is white. And everyone wants to play. You can play, too! Come and join the squirrel, the rabbit, the cat, the dog, and all the children. You don't even need your snowsuit!
JE Hermes, Patricia When Snow Lay Soft on the Mountain
Through the changing seasons on Hairy Bear Mountain and her father's illness, Hallie continues to wish for her father's health and a china doll's head from a store window in town.
JE Hiscock, Bruce When Will It Snow?
A small boy impatiently awaits the first snowfall while the small animals of the woods prepare for winter.
JE Inkpen, Mick Kipper's Snowy Day
Huge cotton ball snowflakes are tumbling past Kipper s window, and he can t wait to go outside to play!
JE JONES Jones, Christianne C. Winter White
Children enjoy playing in a white winter wonderland.
JE Joosse, Barbara M. Snow Day!
When school is cancelled because of snow, Robby and his family enjoy the day together.
JE Joyce, William Snowie Rolie
Rolie Polie Olie is back with his new pal, Mr. Snowie. Together they rocket to Chillsville to meet Klanky Klaus and dance the chilly cha-cha. What wonders a snowy day can bring. Illustrations.
JE Keller, Holly Geraldine's Big Snow
Geraldine can't wait for the snow to come so that she can coast down the hill on her sled.
JE KELLE Kelley, Marty Winter Woes
Rhyming lament of a young worrywart who wants to go outside and play in the snow but fears what could happen if he does, from slipping on steps to freezing his brain.
JE Kellogg, Steven The Missing Mitten Mystery
Annie searches the neighborhood for her red mitten, the fifth she's lost this winter.
JE KEYES Keyes, Diane Spirit of the Snowpeople
During a particularly long winter, residents of a small northwoods community build a village of snowpeople that brings joy to visitors from far and near, and when the sculptures begin to melt an elder explains that their spirit will live on throughout the seasons.
JE Kirk, Daniel Snow Family
A young boy decides to build a snow family to take care of his snow boy the way his parents take care of him.
JE KRENS Krensky, Stephen Chaucer's First Winter
A curious young bear, who does not want to miss the delights of winter, skips his first hibernation to play in the snow, glide on the ice, and admire the glittering rows of icicles and snow-covered pine trees.
JE Lasky, Kathryn Lucille's Snowsuit
Lucille has so much trouble getting her snowsuit on that she is almost too tired to go outside and join her brother and sister playing in the snow.
JE Lebrun, Claude Little Brown Bear Plays in the Snow
Little Brown Bear makes snowballs and does other fun things in the snow.
JE London, Jonathan Froggy Gets Dressed
Froggy can't wait to play in the snow, but will he be able to pull together mittens, boots & all those chilly weather layers?
JE Mammano, Julie Rhinos Who Snowboard
Snowboarding rhinos check the weather, head for the slopes, and spend all day out on the snow-covered mountains. Includes a glossary of snowboarding lingo.
JE Marzollo, Jean Snow Angel
Accidentally left behind in a snowstorm, a young girl is befriended by a snow angel who takes her on a magical flight in search of her mother.
JE MCCUE McCue, Lisa Quiet Bunny and Noisy Puppy
Quiet Bunny's forest friends all hibernate or go south for the winter, but when he meets a puppy from a nearby farm the two become the best of friends, even though they are opposites in every way.
JE MCDOO McDoogle, Farrah Olivia Builds a Snowlady
Olivia and her friends build a snowlady for the winter festival but when the weather warms up and the snow melts, she and her friends have to get creative to save the day.
JE MCDOO McDoogle, Farrah Olivia and the Snow Day
Olivia decides to interview others about the snow day.
JE McGeorge, Constance Snow Riders
Matthew and his sister Molly build snowhorses that come to life when they go to take a ride in the moonlight.
JE McGuirk, Leslie Tucker Flips!
While playing in the snow, Tucker the puppy takes a wild ride on a sled.
JE Neitzel, Shirley The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
A young girl names all the clothes that she must wear to play in the snow.
JE OBERM Oberman, Sheldon The Wind that Wanted to Rest
An old and tired winter wind looks for a place to rest. An oak tree orders the wind away as does a mountain. In frustration the wind gathers into a storm and covers the earth with snow. How will a little girl finally offer the wind rest?
JE Paradis, Susan Snow Princess
A little girl waits for her daddy to come home on a snowy day.
JE Peddle, Daniel Snow Day
One glorious day a boy builds a snowman.
JE Pienkowski, Jan Bel and Bub and the Bad Snowball
When Bub and his friend Meph build a snow angel that makes fun of Bel, she gets so angry that she needs Bub to rescue her.
JE Pitcher, Caroline The Snow Whale
The day after a big snow, Laurie and Leo build a beautiful snow whale, high as a house, round as a cloud, white as an ice floe.
JE Plourde, Lynn Winter Waits
Father Time's son, Winter, tries to get his busy father's attention.
JE Poole, Amy Lowry The Ant and the Grasshopper
Blending Eastern and Western traditions, the author brings new meaning to the favorite tale about a colony of industrious ants which busily prepares for the approaching winter while a grasshopper makes no plans for the cold weather to come.
JE Posner, Andrea A Frosty Day
Stewart Snowman is tired of looking at white snow, white icicles, and white frost. When he throws an unforgettable party, everyone in Snowville realizes that colors are lots of fun!
JE POWEL Powell, Consie The First Day of Winter
Bundle up and don't forget your hats! Winter in the woods is a time for outdoor fun-and exploration, too. The woods are alive with animals-fox, red squirrel, hare-who find a way to survive this coldest season.
JE Pulver, Robin Axle Annie
The schools in Burskyville never close for snow because Axle Annie is always able to make it up the steepest hill in town, until Shifty Rhodes and Hale Snow set out to stop her.
JE RACZK Raczka, Bob Snowy, Blowy Winter
Illustrations and simple rhyming text portray winter activities, from snowman-building, sledding, and sitting by a fire to feeding birds.
JE Reiser, Lynn My Dog Truffle
Truffle the Dog uses all his senses to experience a winter day. Features lift-the-flap illustrations.
JE Repchuk, Caroline The Snow Tree
All of the animals cooperate to bring back color which has disappeared from the woodland because of snow. On embossed pages.
JE Rey, Margaret Curious George in the Snow
A curious monkey causes quite a commotion on the ski slopes.
JE Rius, Maria Winter
JE Root, Phyllis Grandmother Winter
When Grandmother Winter shakes out her feather quilt birds, bats, bears, and other creatures prepare themselves for the cold.
JE Rosen, Michael J. Avalanche
Rolled inside a whimsical avalanche of words is an astonishing ABC and a zany plot that disrupts the entire cosmos. Or does it?
JE RUEDA Rueda, Claudia No
It's winter and little bear doesn't want to go to sleep. He'd rather play, and he's sure he won't get cold outside, no matter how long the winter is, how deep the snow might get, or how hard the storm might blow. Until, that is, little bear finds himsel
JE RYLAN Rylant, Cynthia Snow
Celebrates the beauty of a snowfall and its happy effects on children.
JE Sams, Carl R. Stranger in the Woods
A winter-wonderland adventure filled with beautiful photographs depicting the animals of the forest as they venture out toward a new snowman built by two children. There, they find different types of food such as nuts and seeds in his hat, and a carrot nose.
JE Sando, Lois L. Erick's Hungry Winter
Follow the footprints in the snow into the world of the animals of Owl Creek Valley. Step inside their special world to see how each one finds food to survive a harsh winter. Explore the wonders of seasonal life in families with feathers, fur and quills.
JE Sanfield, Steve Snow
Everything is different the morning after a deep new snowfall.
JE Spetter, Jung-Hee Lily and Trooper's Winter
A little girl and her dog spend the day playing in the snow.
JE STEFF Steffensmeier, Alexander Millie in the Snow
Millie the cow gets lost in the snow on the way home from helping the postman deliver mail on Christmas Eve, but she and the gifts she is bringing finally make it back to the farm.
JE Thompson, Lauren Mouse's First Snow
Mouse tries many new things when he and his father go out and play in the snow.
JE Uhlberg, Myron Flying over Brooklyn
Lifted by the wind, a boy flies over snow-covered Brooklyn and admires its winter beauty. Includes information about the 1947 Brooklyn snowstorm, the greatest in its history.
JE Van Laan, Nancy When Winter Comes
Rhyming text asks what happens to different animals and plants "when winter comes and the cold wind blows."
JE WARGI Wargin, Kathy-jo S is for Snowman: God's Wintertime Alphabet
Presents rhyming sentences for each letter of the alphabet that remind the reader of God's blessings in the winter.
JE Whybrow, Ian Harry and the Snow King
Harry builds a miniature snow king from the tiny bit of snow that has fallen. When his snow king disappears, Harry is sure it has been kidnapped. But the next morning, he gets a magical surprise.
JE WILSO Wilson, Karma Dinos in the Snow!
Dinosaurs enjoy many snow activities, from building snowmen and having snowball fights to skiing and skating.
JE WINGE Winget, Susan Sam the Snowman
Young snowman Sam is having difficulty making snow, but with the help of his new friends, Sarah and Tommy, he discovers the magic of giving and the trick to creating snow.
JE ZIEFE Ziefert, Harriet Snow Party
When the first snow of the year falls on the first day of winter, all the snow people have a snow party.
JER GHIGN Ghigna, Charles Snow Wonder
Two children celebrate a wonderful wintry day by playing in the snow, sledding, building snow people, baking cookies, and ice skating.
JER HILLE Hillert, Margaret It's Winter, Dear Dragon
"A boy and his pet dragon go sledding, make a snow fort, and have a snowball fight with friends on a fun winter day"--Provided by publisher.
JER RYLAN Rylant, Cynthia Annie and Snowball and the Wintry Freeze
Annie and her cousin Henry, along with Henry's dog Mudge and Annie's rabbit Snowball, enjoy a sparkling, wintry ice storm.
JER Rylant, Cynthia Poppleton in Winter
Poppleton the pig charms young readers with his quirky adventures and whimsical ideas! Cynthia Rylant is the author of the bestselling Henry and Mudge series, and Mark Teague is the illustrator of the popular How Do Dinosaurs books by Jane Yolen.
JER SAPP Sapp, Karen Who is Sleeping?
Illustrations and rhyming text reveal various places in which such animals as chipmunks and bears sleep during the cold and snow of winter.
JER SCIES Scieszka, Jon Trucktown Snow Trucking
On a snow day, all the trucks go out to play.
J BOARDBK CORDU Corduroy's Snow Day
Corduroy and his friends play outside in the snow.
J508.2 ANDER Anderson, Maxine Explore Winter!: 25 Great Ways to Learn about Winter
J508.2 BAXTE Baxter, Nicola Winter
A simple discussion of the changes to the weather, plants, and animals that happen during the season of winter. Includes activities
J508.2 Bryant-Mole, Karen Winter
The captivating photographs of Picture This! help introduce primary learners to a variety of themes and basic topics. Each book features simple text and clear labels describing interesting collections of objects. Includes an easy to use glossary.
J508.2 DEGEZ DeGezelle, Terri Exploring Winter
J508.2 ENSLO Enslow, Brian Winter Colors
J508.2 LATTA Latta, Sara L. What Happens in Winter?
Brrr—bundle up! It is winter, the coldest time of the year. Why do we have winter? Why is winter weather so cold? How does winter weather affect plants and animals? What do people do during the wintertime? New readers will delight in learning the answers to these questions. An experiment at the end of the book allows readers to be a scientist!
J508.2 LATTA Latta, Sara L. Why Is It Winter?
J508.2 OWEN Owen, Ruth How Do You Know It's Winter?
Describes some of the signs of winter, including changes in light and temperature, plants at rest, bare branches on trees, animals and birds responding to the cold and lack of food, and other differences, and suggests related activities.
J508.2 RUSTA Rustad, Martha E. H. People in Winter
J508.2 SCHNU Schnur, Steven Winter: an Alphabet Acrostic
J508.2 SMITH Smith, Siân Winter
Contents: What is winter? -- When is winter? -- The weather in winter -- What can we see in winter? -- Which season comes next?
J551.5784 CASSI Cassino, Mark The Story of Snow
This book about the science of snow features photos of snow crystals in their beautiful diversity and includes how snow crystals are formed into different shapes. Snow-crystal-catching instructions are included in the back of the book.
J551.5784 HIGGI Higgins, Nadia It's Snowing
J578.43 RUSTA Rustad, Martha E. H. Animals in Winter
Simple text and photographs present animals in winter.
J591.43 MESSN Messner, Kate Over and Under the Snow
J591.43 STEWA Stewart, Melissa Under the Snow
A journey through the fields, forests, ponds, and wetlands to see how animals survive in the snowy winter months, and when the sun's rays grow stronger, join all the animals as they get ready for springtime.
J595.7 GLASE Glaser, Linda Not a Buzz to Be Found: Insects in Winter
Discover how familiar insects survive the cold winter months and ensure the safety of the next generation.
J595.7 HANSE Hansen, Amy Bugs and Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter
J793.73 GARLA Garland, Michael Super Snow Day Seek and Find
When a heavy snowfall causes schools and businnesses to close, Tommy follows a series of notes from his Aunt Jean as he explores the frozen landscape, makes new friends, and participates in winter sports.
J808.9 WINTE Berner, Rotraut Susanne The Winter Book
J811 FLORI Florian, Douglas Winter Eyes
A collection of poems about winter, including "Sled," "Icicles," and "Ice Fishing."
J811 QUATT Quattlebaum, Mary Winter Friends
A snowfall. A lost mitten. A chance meeting. A winter day just right for new friendships and fun.
J811.54 HINES Hines, Anna Grossnickle Winter Lights: A Season in Poems & Quilts
Celebrates the lights that brighten the darkest season of our year in poems and quilts.
S J508.2 Bryant-Mole, Karen Invierno
Simple text and labeled photographs identify things associated with winter.
S J508.2 SMITH Smith, Sian El invierno
S J551.5784 RUSTA Rustad, Martha E. H. Copos de nieve = Snowflakes

DVDs and Kits

DVD JE MAX Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter
Join Max and Ruby this winter as they play and have fun in the snow, make gingerbread houses, and even play duck duck goose!
KIT JER HOWE Howe, James Houndsley and Catina and the Quiet Time
When the first snow of winter falls and Catina worries that her plans for the day will be ruined, Houndsley helps her let go of her worries and enjoy the quiet time of the snowy day.
KIT J508.2 Winter: Kits for Kids
Winter tales to make you smile and keep you warm. Each Kit for Kids includes children's books, a parent/teacher guide and a DVD or music CD.


  • Apples 4 The Teacher
    Winter games and activities for kids.
  • DLTK's Growing Together
    Winter activities for children, including coloring pages and printable worksheets.
  • Make-a-Flake
    A snowflake maker by Barkley Interactive.
  • Sky Diary
    How to make your own snowflake with paper and scissors.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

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