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Science Explorers

Do you like science? These books and websites will help you to find answers to many scientific questions. Have fun! Experiment!

Color and Rainbows

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  Colors Everywhere
Discover interesting things about colors in the world around you. Learn new words, answer fun questions, play a picture-hunt game and other learning activities.
2008 J535.6 COLOR, 2008
Ardley, Neil Science Book of Color
It's Ms. Frizzle's birthday and the class tries to bake a cake but winds up inside it, learning about mixtures and reactions that occur when ingredients are put together.
1995 J540
Arlon, Penelope Color
Following in the path of the established series of Eyewitness and Eye Wonder for older readers, this book discusses where color comes from.
2007 J535.6 ARLON
Arvetis, Chris What Is A Rainbow?
Explains in simple terms what makes a rainbow.
1983 J551.567 ARVET
Bailey, Gerry Light and Color: Discover Science through Facts and Fun
Learn about how different types of light work, and how light and color affect our lives every day.
2009 J535 BAILE
Binns, Tristan Boyer What Color Is an Orange?
2007 J535.6 BINNS
Bloom, George Magic school bus makes a rainbow : a book about color
Ms. Frizzle takes her class inside a pinball machine that is played with light pulses instead of steel balls, to learn the secrets of color and light.
1997 J535.6 BLOOM
Dewey, Ariane Naming Colors
Describes how various colors came to have their specific names in English.
1995 J535.6 DEWEY
Dwyer, Jackie Rainbows
Describes what rainbows are made of, what colors they contain, and how readers can make rainbows of their own.
2001 J551.567 DWYER
Heuer, Kenneth Rainbows, Halos, and Other Wonders :Light and Color In the Atmosphere
Describes the phenomena occurring when light interacts with the earth's atmosphere causing rainbows, mirages, coronas, twinkling stars, and numerous other beautiful and seemingly mysterious optical effects.
1978 J551.565 HAUER
Houblon, Marie A World of Colors :Seeing Colors In A New Way
The book invites kids into a world where the relationships between colors and their objects are not always as expected, where bananas are not always yellow and where blue and blue and blue may be three different colors. What world is this? It's the real world.
2009 J535.6 HOUBL
Kalman, Bobbie Colors of Nature
This book gives an understanding of the way light is responsible for color, why the sky is blue, and how colors attract, frighten, and hide.
1993 J535.6 KALMA
Kalman, Bobbie What Color Is It?
Rainbow of colors -- What is red? -- Orange beauty -- Sun is yellow -- It's a green world! -- Cool blue -- Purple violets -- White and black -- Make some colors! -- Colorful moods -- Words to know and index.
2008 J535.6 KALMA
Kirkpatrick, Rena K. Rainbow Colors
Part of the Look at Science series.
1985 J535.6 KIRKP
Krupp, E. C. Rainbow and You
Explains how rainbows are formed by the colors in sunlight shining through raindrops.
2000 J551.567 KRUPP
Murray, Julie Color
Contents: A colorful world -- The science of color -- Seeing color -- How colors work together -- Real-life science -- A colorful history -- Colors in the world today.
2007 J535.6 MURRA


Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Dussling, Jennifer Lightning: It's Electrifying
Introduces the wonders of electricity and lightning, including a look at what different cultures once believed lightning to be and how Benjamin Franklin proved what it really is.
2002 J551.5632 DUSSL
Gangemi, Angelo. Where Does Electricity Come From?
Examines electricity, how it is produced, and how it ends up in the home.
2012 J537 GANGE
Hewitt, Sally Amazing Electricity
This exciting book introduces children to the concepts of energy, static electricity, and circuits. Fantastic photographs help show the ways in which we use electricity and how using less electricity created by oil, gas, and coal helps.
2008 J537 HEWIT
Lauw, Darlene Electricity
Presents activities that demonstrate how electricity works in our everyday lives. History boxes feature the scientists who made significant discoveries in the field of electricity.
2002 J537.078 LAUW
Leavitt, Amie Jane. Who Really Discovered Electricity?
Dr. William Gilbert, Stephen Gray, and Benjamin Franklin are players driven to uncover an amazing force we now call electricity. But only one player can win the race. Who really discovered electricity?
2012 J537.09 LEAVI
Masters, Nancy Robinson. How Did That Get Into My House: Electricity
Describes how electricity is produced and transported from the power plant into homes and offices.
2010 J621.31 MASTE
Monroe, Ronald D. What Is Electricity?
Introduces the scientific principles of electricity. Full-color photographs, accessible text, and relatable, real-life examples explain how electricity is created, stored, and moved.
2012 J537 MONRO
Monroe, Ronald D. What Are Electrical Circuits?
2012 J621.3815 MONRO
Mullins, Matt. Electricity
Whether you're an aspiring inventor or an everyday science buff, you've probably created your own experiments to uncover the truth about the forces of physical science. Now you can delve deeper into the topics of electricity, motion, gravity, and more.
2012 J537 MULLI
Oxlade, Chris. Using Electricity
2012 J621.3 OXLAD
Pegis, Jessica (Jessica M.) What Are Insulators and Conductors?
Introduces readers to the electrical properties of different materials. Readers will learn that conductors are materials that allow the flow of electricity, while insulators are materials that do not allow the flow of electricity.
2012 J537.62 PEGIS
Royston, Angela Electricity
Introduces electricity, discusses machines that use it, and describes how to make a circuit.
2012 J527 ROYST
Swanson, Jennifer How Electricity Works
This book explains what electricity is and how it's generated and distributed. the text discusses the history of electricity discoveries and how they changed our world.
2012 J537 SWANS
Walker, Sally M. Investigating Electricity
Electricity powers lights, computers, and television sets. But have you seen how electricity can make objects stick together? Or make other objects pull apart? Now you can! Explore electricity with the fun experiments you'll find in this book.
2012 J537 WALKE

Flying Things

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana >
Blackburn, Ken Pocket Flyers Paper Airplane Book
Paper airplane how-to book
1998 745.592 B56P Readers Services
Botermans, Jack High-flying Paper Airplanes
From the Concorde to the Stealth Bomber--more than 35 great-looking, superbly aerodynamic paper craft airplanes.
2005 J745.592 BOTER
Bringhurst, John Oddballs, Wing-Flappers, & Spinners : Great Paper Airplanes
Paper airplane how-to book
1994 J745.592 BRING
Collins, John M. The Gliding Flight
An inventive approach to paper airplane design that describes flying characteristics and gives clear folding instructions.
1989 J745.592 COLLI
Crowther, Robert Flight: A Pop-up Book of Aircraft
Get ready for takeoff! From an acclaimed 3-D master comes a jam-packed, interactive book on flying machines that will send readers soaring. What was the first man-made object to fly, one thousand years ago? Who was the first woman to make a solo flight across the Atlantic?
2007 J629.133 CROWT
Harbo, Christopher L. The Kids' Guide to Paper Airplanes
Have you ever wondered how far you could get a paper airplane to fly? Do you want to learn how to make more than just one simple model? If want to test the limits of flight in your own backyard, look no further than The Kids' Guide to Paper Airplanes. From the classic dart to the unbeatable super plane, these paper creations will have you soaring all over the neighborhood.
2009 J745.592 HARBO
Harris, Nicholas Plane
Both propeller-driven and jet-engine airplanes are shown in detail. Kids also discover the principles that allow a heavy airplane to rise and remain in the air, and to maneuver, climb, dive, and come to a safe landing.
2009 J629.13334
Herman, Gail The Magic School Bus taking flight: a book about flight
Join Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus gang for some higher learning in this high flying adventure. The class learns how a plane gets up in the air, stays up, and is steered.
1997 J629.13
Loeschnig, Louis V. No-Sweat Science: Space & Flight Experiments
Future astronauts, pilots, would-be space scientists, and explorers will find plenty of activities here to feed their dreams. Basic laws of flight, gravity and centripetal/centrifugal force, and making a variety of planes and gliders to see how they eally work.
2006 J629.132 LOESC, 2006
Oxlade, Chris Airplanes Inside Out
A close look at planes such as the Airbus A380, which is the world s largest airliner, and the Lockheed Martin F-35B, which is a short take-off and vertical landing combat aircraft. Readers learn about the engine and design that make flight possible for each aircraft.
2009 J629.134
Rinard, Judith E. Book of flight
The major milestones in flight history illustrated from the collections of the National Air and Space Museum. Includes the development of flight and diagrams explaining flight science and technology.
2007 J629.1309 RINAR
Robson, Denny Kites and Flying Objects
Activities and projects.
1992 J796.15
Rowlands, Jim The Big Book of Kites
Making and flying modern kites.
1988 J796.15
Schmidt, Norman The Great Kite Book
No, it's not raining cats and dogs, but the sky is filled with animals. Look up and you may see a dragonfly darting its way through the clouds, or falcons soaring along the horizon, multicolored peacocks, and a zebra hundreds of feet in the air. Of course, they're actually kites. Now, you too can learn how to make these cool kites.
1997 J629.13332 SCHMI
Taylor, Barbara Up, Up, & Away! : the science of flight
An introduction to the science of flight using simple experiments to show how animals and machines fly.
1992 J533.6 TAYLO
  Visual dictionary of flight
From the Wright Brothers' flyer through the Stealth bomber to tomorrow's technological wonders.
1992 J629.133
Zaunders, Bo Feathers, Flaps, & Flops
Profiling several dynamic personalities and their trailblazing exploits, this celebration of the early days of aviation provides a history of human attempts to defy gravity, and the physical and emotional toughness that made present-day flight possible.
2001 J629.1309 ZAUND

Light, Sight and Cameras

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ang, Tom Photography
Photography techniques
2005 J771 ANG
Ardley, Neil Light
Discusses the properties, uses, and changing nature of light.
1992 J535 ARDLE
Arlon, Penelope Light
Text and photographs describe the sources and characteristics of light.
2006 J535 ARLON
Barraclough, Sue What Can I See?
Introduce young readers to the five senses. This series examines each sense separately in order to make a clear distinction about what each sense is and what each sense can tell us about our environment.
2005 J612.84 BARRA
Branley, Franklyn Mansfield Day Light, Night Light : Where Light Comes From
Discusses the properties of light, particularly its source in heat.
1998 J535 BRANL
Buckingham, Alan Photography
Discover the evolving world of photography-- from pinhole cameras to the digital age
2004 J770 BUCKI
Burnie, David Light
A guide to the origins, principles, and historical study of light.
1992 J535 BURNI
Cobb, Vicki I See Myself
All about reflection and mirrors.
2002 J535.323 COBB
Cobb, Vicki Open Your Eyes, Discover Your Sense of Sight
Child-friendly experiments on sensory perception and optical illusion.
2002 J612.84 COBB
Cooper, Jason Light
Provides a simple discussion of the sources and kinds of light, colors, and how eyes see.
1992 J535 COOPE
Darling, David J. Making Light Work
Demonstrates the principles of optics and light through a variety of experiments.
1991 J535 DARLI
Dispezio, Michael A. Awesome Experiments in Light & Sound
Presents over seventy experiments designed to demonstrate the properties of light and sound and explain the science behind them, covering such topics as wavelengths, color spectrums, vibration, and air particles.
1999 J535 DISPE
Doherty, Paul The Magic Wand and Other Bright Experiments
Light and color experiments.
1995 J535.078 DOHER
Gardner, Robert Dazzling Science Projects With Light and Color
Light experiments
2006 J535 GARDN
Gardner, Robert Optics
Light and optics experiments.
1994 J535 GARDN
Johnson, Neil National Geographic: Photography Guide for Kids
Photography guide for kids.
2001 J771 JOHNS
Klingel, Cynthia Fitterer Eyes
A simple introduction to eyes and how they are used.
2002 J612.84 KLING
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs Snowflake Bentley
1998 J551.5784 MARTI
Nardo, Don Mathew Brady : The Camera is the Eye of History
Examines the life of photographer Mathew Brady, the advancements he made in photography, his work during the Civil War, and his legacy as the first great photographer in American history.
2009 JB B7293N
Riley, Peter Light and Seeing
Sources of light -- When light travels -- Shadows -- Shadows and time -- Materials and light -- Reflecting light -- Flat mirrors -- Curved mirrors -- The eye -- Eyes and light -- Color
2008 J535 RILEY
Simon, Seymour Out of Sight: Pictures of Hidden Worlds
Shows pictures of objects which are too small, too far away, or too fast to see without mechanical assistance such as microscopes, telescopes, X-rays, and other techniques.
2000 J612.84 SIMON
Spilsbury, Richard What is Light? : Exploring Science With Hands-on Activities
An introduction to the properties of light for third and fourth graders; includes hands-on activities
2008 J535.078 SPILS
Varriale, Jim Take a Look Around : Photography Activities for Young People
Uses projects to introduce various photographic concepts, including shadow and light, camera angles, composition, action, and more.
1999 J770 VARRI
White, Nancy Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea :a Book About Light
Based on the episode from the animated TV series produced by Scholastic Productions, Inc.
1999 J535 WHITE
Williams, Brian Science of a Pair of Glasses : the Science of Light
Discover how your eyes turn reflected light into images your brain can understand.
2009 J535 WILLI
Woodward, Kay Sight
The sense of sight is explored.
2005 J612.84 WOODW

Oozy, Slimey, Gooey Mysterious Mixtures

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Alton, Steve Blood and Goo and Boogers too!
This book reveals the sticky, sniffly secrets of the respiratory and circulatory systems, delivering the goods on everything from smelling and snot to blood and scabs (ew!) plus an awesomely authentic-looking squishy booger on the cover (double ew!).
2008 J612.1 ALTON
Bath, John B. Kitchen Chemistry
Informational science activities like "creating mixtures, solutions, and reactions, mixing and separating colors, and growing crystals." Contains reproducible pages of activities.
1994 J372.3 BATH PTC
Beech, Linda The Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake
It's Ms. Frizzle's birthday and the class tries to bake a cake but winds up inside it, learning about mixtures and reactions that occur when ingredients are put together.
1995 J540
Branzei, Sylvia Grossology
A classic of modern gross scholarship.
2002 J612 BRANZ
Branzei, Sylvia Hands-On Grossology
A truly revolting collection of gross science experiments.
2003 J612 BRANZ
Brown, Cynthia Light Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects You Can Build Yourself
A combination of wacky experiments, yummy cooking projects, and unusual creations, the activities can all be completed using common household materials and include walking on goop, making taffy, viewing the world from inside a giant bubble, and many more sure to keep kids investigating how the world works.
2008 J542 BROWN
Cole, Joanna The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body
The Magic School Bus carrying Ms. Frizzle and the entire class, shrinks and is accidentally eaten by Arnold, and journeys through his body.
1988 J612 COLE
Conrad, David Burps, Boogers, and Bad Breath
Describes how some of the unpleasant things the body produces, like gas, ear wax, and sweat, are important aids to staying healthy.
2002 J612 CONRA
Elfman, Eric Almanac of the Gross Disgusting and Totally Repulsive
A delightfully disgusting look at everything you ever wanted to know about body waste, germs, creeping cuisine, cyrogenics, and other totally repulsive facts.
1994 J031.02
Glaser, Jason Colds
Fun facts- amazing but true.
2006 J616.2 GLASE
Hauser, Jill Frankel Super Science Concoctions
Explore a world of amazing science -- from capillary action to liquid density to emulsions to plastics -- all while making magical mixtures you concoct yourself
2007 J500.2 HAUSE, 2007
Jackson, Ellen The Book of Slime
This young science book instructs and entertains with fascinating facts about "real" slime that occurs in nature, with gross slime jokes, and with a recipe for edible green slime!
1997 J611
Levine, Shar Silly Science
Each and every experiment in Silly Science is guaranteed to make you giggle, and teach you about science at the same time.
1995 J507.8 LEVIN
Markle, Sandra Icky Squishy Science
Details numerous science experiments which can be done at home, explains the various scientific phenomena involved, and suggests further experiments.
1996 J507.8
Muller, Eric While You're Waiting for the Food to Come
Starting out with a selection of tantalizing appetizers -- simple activities that introduce basic concepts -- the book moves on to hearty main courses that explore the senses, the properties of matter and gas, and electricity. Each easy-to-follow activity includes a list of the everyday materials required, step-by-step instructions and helpful hints, an explanation of the scientific principles being explored, and a "More to Chew On" section that links these table top activities with other events and phenomenon.
1999 J507.8 MULLE
Nye, Bill Bill Nye the Science Guy's Great Big Book of Tiny Germs
Germs, germs, everywhere! Did you know that: - Some germs are good for you, or even delicious? - There are more germs on Earth than all other living things combined? - Your body is constantly fighting germs, even when you aren't sick? Now you know! Find out how more about germs and how to stay healthy, with eleven cool experiments.
2005 J616 NYE
Parker, Steve Shocking, Slimy, Stinky, Shiny Science Experiments
Here are more than 75 experiments that really test your sense of sight, touch, and smell.
1998 J507.8
Rhatigan, Sloppy Joe Gross Me Out
Fifty wonderfully repulsive projects
2004 J507.8 GROSS
Romanek, Trudee Squirt!
"Learn all about blood and the circulatory system. Topics include what blood's made from, how it moves around our body, the role of the heart, and how our organs clean our blood.
2006 J612.1 ROMAN
Royston, Angela Ooze and Goo
Learn about sweat, ear wax, snot, and other gross, gooey things!
2010 J610.01522 ROYST
Swanson, Diane BURP!
Discover all kinds of fascinating facts about food and eating, such as what food is made of, how your body breaks it down, why you have cravings, how sight and smell affect what you taste and lots more.
2001 J612.3 SWANS
Thomas, John E. The Ultimate book of Kid Concoctions (Series)
Each book in this popular series contains over 65 wacky, wild and crazy concoctions.
2006 J745.5
Wellnitz, William R. Homemade Slime and Rubber Bones
A collection of safe, simple, and inexpensive experiments that produce seemingly magical results, but are actually based on the immutable laws of science.
1993 J507.8
Williams, Jennifer Oobleck, Slime and Dancing Spaghetti
Introduces words related to bedtime.
2009 J507.8 WILLI PTC

Optical Illusions

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  Amazing Optical Illusions
Collection of 32 optical illusions rendered in photography, artwork and computer imaging.
2004 J152.148 AMAZI
Chedru, Delphine Spot it! Find the Hidden Creatures
In colorful patterns sixteen creatures lie hidden waiting to be spotted.
2009 J793.73 CHEDR
Crystal, Nancy You Won't Believe Your Eyes!
Learn about eyes, vision and visual perception.
1992 J612.84 CRYST
DiSpezio, Michael A. Optical Illusion Experiments
Find instructions here for simple optical illusion experiments with everyday materials.
2007 J152.148 DISPE
DiSpezio, Michael A. Optical Illusion Magic: Visual Tricks and Amusements
Cool distortions, a perplexing parallel pattern, afterimages, 3-D foolery, flip-flopping faces, and other optical illusions will "trick" you into seeing what isn't there.
1999 J152.148 DISPE
  Harry Potter Magic Eye Book
3D magical creatures, beasts and beings plus instructions on how to see them.
2010 J152.148 HARRY
Magic Eye Inc. Magic Eye II : Now You See It
Spellbinding, 3D images and you don't need special glasses to "see" them!
1994 J700.28
Messenger, Norman Imagine
Puzzles and Optical Illusions
2005 J793.7 MESSE
Nurosi, Aki Colorful Illusions
Step into the color zone...where cool effects are the rule and nothing is what it first appears to be. Colors can always fool you.
2000 J152.148 NUROS
O'Neill, Catherine You Won't Believe Your Eyes!
Introduces the world of visual illusion describing the workings of the eye-brain system and how different types of illusions occur.
1987 J152.14 ONEIL
Paraquin, Charles H. The World's Best Optical Illusions
A collection of over 100 optical illusion puzzles, with explanations of the reasons for their effects.
1999 j152.14 PARAQ
Slocum, Jerry Tricky Optical Illusion Puzzles
The longer you look at these 82 puzzles, the more you get fooled.
2001 J152.148 SLOCU
Steiner, Joan Look-alikes around the world
Picture puzzle book complete with photographs of the actual sites, fascinating facts, and more than 500 look-alikes to search for.
2007 J793.73 STEIN
Vry, Silke Trick of the Eye: Art and Illusion
Optical illusions in art.
2010 J701.8 VRY
Wenzel, Angela Do you see what I see? :the art of illusion
Explores how still-life paintings can look three-dimensional, how open doors can lead nowhere, and how other optical illusions are created in paintings by artists ranging from Raphael to Escher.
2001 J750.18 WENZE
Wick, Walter Walter Wick's optical tricks
This anniversary edition of a classic by the popular I Spy photographer combines fascinating optical illusions with simple explanations of how the visual tricks work.
2008 J152.148 WICK

Sound and Music

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Aliki Ah, Music
Surveys the history and components of music, concentrating on Western musical traditions.
2003 J780 ALIKI
Ardley, Neil A Young Person's Guide to Music
Interactive guide to the instruments of the orchestra.
2004 J780 ARDLE
Ardley, Neil Eyewitness Music
Information and photographs of instruments ranging from zithers and panpipes to electric guitars and synthesizers.
2004 J784.19 ARDLE
Ballard, Carol How Your Ears Work
Explains how the parts of the ear work to translate sound from the outside world into signals that the brain can understand.
2011 J 612.85 BALLA
Davies, Kay Starting Science Sound and Music
Focuses on how sound is produced, transmitted, and received. Activities explore aural skills through sound recognition, dynamics, and pitch variation.
1992 J534
Dunleavy, Deborah Jumbo Book of Music
Instructions on how to make and play instruments from all over the world.
2001 J780 Dunle
Evans, David Let's Explore Science Sound and Music
Explores how to make sounds and simple music with everyday objects.
1993 J534 Evans
Gardner, Robert Sound Projects with a Music Lab
Introduces information on sound through a variety of related experiments using a musical lab that the reader can build.
2008 J534.078 GARDN
Gardner,Robert Jazzy Science Projects with sound and Music
Experiments in this book will unlock the mysteries of sound and music. Some will even give you ideas for your own science experiment.
2006 J534.078 GARDN
Hagler, Gina Step-By-Step Experiments With Sound
Explains what sound is, how it travels, and how we hear sound; describes the scientific method; and includes experiments testing different sound concepts.
2012 J534.078 HAGLE
Kerrod, Robin Secrets of Science Sounds and Music
Projects, experiments, and activities explore the world of sounds, both musical and otherwise.
1991 J534 KERRO
Levine, Shar Science of Sound and Music
Thirty-four easy-to-do activities that demonstrate the scientific concepts behind sound waves, pitch, acoustics, scales.
2000 J534.078 LEVIN
Oxlade, Chris Experiments with Sound
What is sound -- Sources of sound -- Traveling sound -- Describing sound -- Hearing sounds -- Recording sounds -- Sound problems -- Using sounds.
2009 J534.078 OXLAD
Riley, Peter Essential Science Changing Sounds
The essentials of sound and how sound changes.
2008 J534 RILEY
Spilsbury, Richard What is Sound?
This title in the IN TOUCH WITH BASIC SCIENCE series takes a look at many interesting aspects of sound. Readers learn what sound and sound waves are and explore resonance, music, the speed of sound, and how to reduce unwanted noise. Interesting hands-on activities throughout the book help reinforce the concepts.
2008 J534.078 SPILS
Taylor-Butler, Christine Sound: Super Cool Science Experiments
Following the scientific process, this titles provides instructions on how to conduct experiments that help students gain a better understanding of sound.
2010 J534.078 TAYLO
Winnick, Nick Hearing
Have you ever wondered how our sense of hearing works? From bells and bangs to whistles and whispers, our ears allow us to hear all sorts of sounds. Young readers will learn all about our senses in the pages of World of Wonder. The basic science behind the senses and how we use them in our everyday lives is explored.
2010 J612.85 WINNI

Science DVDs

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  Bill Nye the Science Guy: Brain
Some very tricky optical illusions show that the brain doesn't always correctly interpret what the eyes see. Check out Bill Nye from a whole new angle when he gets an M.R.I. of his brain.
2004 DVD J612.82 BRAIN
  Opt An Illusionary Tale/Reading Rainbow Program 76
Reading Rainbow broadcast of Opt : an illusionary tale by Arline and Joseph Baum. It is a magical tale of optical illusions in which objects seem to shift color and size while images appear and disappear.
2004 DVD J808.8 R222 PGM.76

Web Sites for Science Explorers

Bill Nye the Science Guy.Static Electricity Clip
Bill Nye shows science in action.

The museum of science, art and human perception.

An inquiry-based place to find science games, activities, answers to questions, and teacher resources.

Hands-On Technology Program
Science activities designed so that the children can do them using every day, inexpensive materials.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages: Optical Illusions
A collection of awesome optical illusions -- what do you see?

Paul Lemur's Treehouse
Explore the world of polymers with interactive games, videos, an online coloring book and self-quizzes.

Reeko's Mad Scientist Science Experiments and Science Projects
Sort these experiments by name, category, popularity and level of difficulty.

Science Bob
Experiments for school or home, includes helpful videos.

Science Buddies
A site full of science projects, answers and tools.

Science Kids
Cool projects and easy ideas for children.

Science Made Simple
Static Electricity Information

The Science of Light: Light in Color
Discover ways to use color in science to learn about the universe.

Science of MusicKitchen Sink-o-pation Exploratorium's Accidental Scientist
Have fun exploring the science of music and sound by clicking on the instruments you find here.

Steve Spangler Science
This section of the website features interesting experiments for kids to do. Other sections feature products.

Watch Know Learn Free Educational Videos
Free educational videos presented in an organized fashion.

Experiments to learn about static electricity.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

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