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Parents' Primer: Safety

Note: All call numbers are for the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana


J Beatty, Monica Driscoll Fire Night!
Katy's school lessons in fire safety help her know what to do when a fire breaks out in her house.
J004.67 JAKUB Jakubiak, David J. A Smart Kid's Guide to Avoiding Online Predators
Teaches kids how to stay away from untrustworthy people online and what to do if an online predator does contact them.
J004.678 CINDR Cindrich, Sharon A Smart Girl's Guide to the Internet: How to Connect with Friends, Find What You Need, and Stay Safe Online
Email and instant messaging. Games and more games. Chat rooms, blogs, and social networks. Digital photos, music, and movies. There's so much to do online. Where do you start? And how do you know which sites and services are right for you?
J005.8 JAKUB Jakubiak, David J. A Smart Kid's Guide to Internet Privacy
Most kids are naturally trusting, but the Internet requires people to be watchful. This title offers kids suggestions on how to protect their identities online and how to avoid those who wish them harm.
J006.754 JAKUB Jakubiak, David J. A Smart Kid's Guide to Social Networking Online
Information and tips on social networking to keep kids responsible and safe.
J025.042 CORNW Cornwall, Phyllis Play it Safe Online
Teaches best practices to remain safe while online, including not posting pictures, limiting personal information, and choosing secure sites.
J303.3 Testi, Deborah J. They're Only Words: A Children's Guide to Words That Hurt
Aware Bears know what is good and what is bad and what to do when Mommy and Daddy cannot be there to help.
J305.23 Navarra, Tova The Kids' Guidebook: Great Advice to Help Kids Cope
Offers advice for young people on how to handle a variety of situations when an adult might not be around to help.
J362.7 Hubbard, Kate Help Yourself to Safety
This book was designed to be read with children ages 6-11. It includes a read-aloud section for children, personal safety tips and situations to teach safety concepts.
J363.1 HERRI Herrington, Lisa M. Stranger Safety: Never Go Anywhere with a Stranger!
"...introduces the youngest readers to stranger safety--one of the most important lessons young children need to learn…"--back cover.
J363.1 RAATM Raatma, Lucia Staying Safe on the School Bus
Discusses rules and techniques for school bus safety--Provided by publisher.
J371.78 KENT Kent, Susan Learning How to Stay Safe at School
Discusses various ways to stay safe at school, including getting to school safely, avoiding trouble, dealing with peer pressure, doing the right thing, and asking for help.
J613.6 Chaiet, Donna The Safe Zone: A Kid's Guide to Personal Safety
Discusses various self-defense options which may be used when in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation and suggests what solutions might work in real life.
J613.6 COOK Cook, Julia Scoop
Teaches children personal safety.
J613.6 DONAH Donahue, Jill Urban Say No and Go: Stranger Safety
Let an adult answer the doorbell. Take a friend with you when you go outside. It's time to learn the rules of stranger safety.--back cover.
J613.6 Grimm, Carol Red Flag Green Flag: ABC's of Personal Safety for Preschool Children
This provides a starting point for very young children to talk about personal safety and good and bad touching.
J613.6 GUARD Guard, Anara What If a Stranger Approaches You?
Explains why it is necessary to be careful around strangers and offers advice on ways to stay safe.
J613.6 GUARD Guard, Anara What If You Need to Call 911?
Dialing 911 can be scary, but you can be prepared. The scenarios and tips in this book will help you keep your cool.
J613.6 Levete, Sarah Looking After Myself
Discusses aspects of health and safety such as keeping safe while playing, healthy eating, and dealing with emotional problems.
J613.6 MacGregor, Cynthia Listen to Your Instincts
Instincts are feelings inside of us that give us hints about what to do in certain situations.
J613.6 MACGR MacGregor, Cynthia Staying Safe by Saying No
Explains the significance of saying "no" in potentially dangerous situations, particularly with strangers.
J613.6 MacGregor, Cynthia Ten Steps to Staying Safe
Provides tips for staying safe while dealing with strangers, including walking with a buddy, knowing your name and phone number, and knowing what to do when home alone.
J613.6 MacGregor, Cynthia What to Do If You Get Lost
Discusses the steps to follow when lost in order to get help.
J613.6 MARA Mara, Wil If a Stranger Comes Near
An introduction to personal safety that focuses on strangers and provides readers with advice on how to be safe around strangers and what to do if one comes near them.
J613.6 MATTE Mattern, Joanne Safety in Public Places
Suggests ways to put safety first when in public places such as libraries, parks, stores, offices, busy streets, and neighborhoods.
J613.6 MCKAY McKay, Sindy Being Safe
Part of the We Both Read series, this book covers the topics of accident prevention and safety.
J613.6 Now I Know Better: Kids Tell Kids about Safety
Young people ages five to nineteen describe accidents they have had, with their own safety advice and the comments of emergency room doctors.
J613.6 RAATM Raatma, Lucia Staying Safe around Strangers
Discusses rules and techniques for staying safe around strangers--Provided by publisher.
J613.6 SCHUL Schulz, Kathy Always Be Safe
A rhyming review of some basic safety tips.
J613.6 TIECK Tieck, Sarah Be Safe
Being safe is one component of a healthy lifestyle. In this book, engaging text pairs with striking photos to introduce readers to safety topics including kitchen safety, stranger safety, bullying and cyberbullying, and safety during natural disasters or
J613.6 WEBER Weber, Rebecca Safety Basics
"Color photos and simple text describe safety tips for home, school, and travel"
J613.9 Loewen, Nancy Emergencies
Describes the most important things to do when someone is hurt in an accident and discusses the basic rules of first aid for treating illness and injury.
J628.9 Loewen, Nancy Fire Safety
Shows what to do and what not to do to practice fire safety sense.
J628.9 RAATM Raatma, Lucia Crawl Low under Smoke
Explains how to leave a building safely during a fire, emphasizing staying low to avoid smoke and using alternate ways out.
J628.9 RAATM Raatma, Lucia Home Fire Drills
Explains the importance of planning what to do in case of fire in your house and tells how practicing fire drills can help you to be safe.
J628.9 RAATM Raatma, Lucia Smoke Alarms
Discusses the importance of having smoke detectors in the home, the different kinds of detectors and how they work, and what to do when they sound.
J628.9 RAATM Raatma, Lucia Stop, Drop, and Roll
Discusses the importance of having smoke detectors in the home, the different kinds of detectors and how they work, and what to do when they sound.
J628.922 GUARD Guard, Anara What If There Is a Fire?
Fires can be scary, but you can be prepared. The scenarios and safety tips in this book will help you come up with a plan.
J628.922 RAATM Raatma, Lucia Staying Safe Around Fire
Discusses rules for fire prevention and safety at home and outdoors
J649.1 PTC Golant, Susan K. Kid Safe: A Parent's Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe
What to do in emergency situations - and how to prevent them.
JE BERNA Bernardini, Robert Safety First Please!: And It Won't Make You Sneeze!
Introduce your child to the idea of staying safe with "Sterling" the safety seal. He presents a number of scenarios where children are asked to think about what they would do to be sure they stay safe. Children are gently guided to the right decision.
JE CUYLE Cuyler, Margery Stop, Drop, and Roll: A Book about Fire Safety and Prevention
Jessica, who worries about everything from her spelling homework to remembering to fill her dog's water dish, learns that fire safety begins with extinguishing her fears.
JE KACZM Kaczman, James A Bird and His Worm
A bird who doesn't like to flap his wings and the worm he has befriended learn the dangers of trusting strangers as they travel south together for the winter.
JE KEVI Kevi Don't Talk to Strangers
This essential safety message has now been transformed into a lyrical anthem for children. Includes a compact disc to read and rap along with--words and performance by Kevi.
JE Kleven, Sandy The Right Touch: A Read-Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
As a way of teaching her little boy about sexual abuse, a mother tells him the story of a child who was lured into the neighbor's house to see some non-existent kittens.
JE MAYO Mayo, Margaret Emergency!
Rescue vehicles race to help during a variety of emergencies.
JE Pendziwol, Jean No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)
A young girl and a fire-breathing dragon are having their afternoon snack when it's suddenly interrupted by the dragon's sneeze which sets the table ablaze. Luckily, the girl knows just what to do, and she teaches her new friend to be fire smart, too.
JE PENDZ Pendziwol, Jean Once Upon a Dragon: Stranger Safety for Kids (and Dragons)
After a ride on a slide, a little girl and her dragon friend find themselves inside a fairy-tale book. Little by little, the girl teaches her friend to be careful about strangers.
JE POTTE Potter, Noel Gyro Stranger Danger
When Marshall, Art, Donovan, and Dominick encounter a stranger who tries to get them in his car, they use their heads and the stranger danger lessons taught at karate to get home safely.
JE Salat, Cristina Peanut's Emergency
When nobody comes to pick Peanut up after school, she tries to remember and follow all the safety rules her family taught her.
JE YORK York, Sarah Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of, 1959- Ashley Learns about Strangers
When Ashley wanders away from her mother while they are shopping and then cannot find her, she approaches a security guard and is soon reunited with her mother. Includes note to parents.
JE ZOEHF Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner Don't Talk to Strangers, Pooh!
Winnie the Pooh finds out about strangers.
JER SMITH Smith, Kathy Be Safe on the Bus
An easy reader that discusses school bus safety.


DVD JE LETS Let's Grow: Safety First
A safety-themed compilation starring Barney, Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, and Kipper, hosted by Sean and Chica from Sprout.
DVD J004.678 Timon and Pumbaa: Safety Smart Online!
Timon and Pumbaa learn they need more than a computer or a game console to surf the web - they need safety smarts! They learn the importance of protecting their personal information, how to be responsible digital citizens, and what to do if they are bullied.
DVD J363.1259 SCHOO Mazzarella, Mark School Bus Safety
A combination of songs, colorful graphics, and role-playing teach students about school bus safety. Learn how to be safe on the way to the bus and at the bus stop. Understand appropriate behavior while riding the bus, plus how to get on and off safely.
DVD J628.92 ELMO Elmo Visits the Firehouse
When a fire on Sesame Street gives Elmo a scare, he and Maria visit a real New York City firehouse.
KIT J363.1 SAFET Safety. Early Childhood
Keeping children safe is a universal concern. This kit contains 8 books, a video, and a parent/teacher guide to help promote good safety habits.

If you need help finding these or other Library materials, please check with anyone in Children's Services. We look forward to seeing you at the Library!

This list was created and is maintained by Children's Services Librarians.
General comments and suggestions can be sent to Mary R. Voors, Manager, Children's Services at

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